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Monday, August 25, 2014

Contact continues .. Why?

We dance round in a ring and suppose, While the secret sits in the middle and knows. - Robert Frost

Curiouser and curiouser.

I have been following up with potential guests for the ET topic and reading information to help me organize that content. Two of those contacts checked in and may have helped to trigger tonight's events.   

In reading the previous post I had not realized this would be nor had I intended it to be a continuation of the contact topic but here we are and the events are ongoing. Tonight, the energy is extremely active and making Andy quite uncomfortable. I was instructed to eat a small amount of meat to help ground me and avoid becoming too buzzed. I had a BLT and that has worked. Andy feels queasy and I am okay.

What happens when the energy amps up? One example is an increase in electrical anomalies. The stove light burned out when I went in to make the BLT. Three other lights have burned out in the last week, two outside porch lights and a desk light in my office.

Batteries will also drain as a clue we have more activity related to contact. The paranormal element can also be related to spirit energy but this time, given my content and the conversations I have had lately in pursing the ET related guests, I know it to be ET. The telepathic connection affirms that. 

The actions of the nightlights are not affected and remain normal in their interactions as do my communications with my guides. Those messages are usually supportive and to simply allow the contact and see what develops without jumping to conclusions as this is a learning phase.

Again, this is a time I was telepathically told to go outside and look up. (I could choose to ignore the instruction but I didn't.) It was dark with no moon or clouds. I saw stars. I tried to cover everything to avoid getting attacked by an army of mosquitos and managed to forget my hands. It took half an hour and a rubbing alcohol rinse to stop the itching.

However, I did see something.

Directly overhead was a bright light traveling slowly across the sky. I thought it might be the space station but it seemed different and went at a fast and steady clip. Suddenly, it disappeared. It had become visible while it traveled a short segment in the sky and then it was gone. That was it. The telepathic message was to go inside because I had seen what they wanted me to see.

And then - I heard from one of the people I was trying to connect with for an interview. The timing is impeccable. I believe there are reasons for these things that are totally beyond our knowing... at this time. 

And so it goes...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Magic is this? Contact

mag·ic ˈmajik
noun: magic
the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


Hidden in plain view: Reality
There are times I question what I know and how it comes to me to follow that knowing. Then I remember I don't "know" ...

Information is given or comes to me as a telepathic prompt and I determine my action/reaction.

This is one of those times I chose to follow the prompt - because I was (and am) curious.

Maintaining a mundane routine helps me to remain grounded and aware of shifts in my energy. The non-physical presence I connect to provides a constant source of support but I do need breaks and external physical stimulation to avoid becoming physically exhausted or overwhelmed in trying to maintain the metaphysical contact. Balance is key.

Channeled insight from my guides and the energy source associated with the nightlight is usually quite helpful and/or instructional regarding personal matters.

But there are other occasions when I am unsure about the intent of unexplainable anomalous events other than to regain my attention to matters at hand that I have agreed to pass along regarding the presence of transdimensional beings and our own natural state of being as multidimensional in awareness.

Someone in this spirit posse seems to think I need a prod to return to the project and instigates a quirky event to pique my interest.

08/04/14 - Journal 
Gracie barked at about 1:30 am so Andy got up to let her out. At 2:00 am I heard the internal prompt in my mind: "Go outside and look straight up at the sky."

Of course, I am half asleep and tired and really don't want to go but it seemed more relevant because Gracie had barked and maybe I could catch a glimpse of the raccoons or possums that wander about when the day players are safely tucked away.

Not that I thought they would be in the sky, that part didn't make sense but I didn't think it through. The thought of a wildlife sighting had my attention so I decided to check it out. And then, putting my feet on the floor, I realized Gracie was directly beside me when she usually claims the foot of the bed as her spot.

For a moment, I wondered if she sent me the message. Standing outside on the patio, pondering the sky, I watched the dark space and clouds mingle. One round, puffy white, cloud floated directly above the house. Stars peeked around the edges and winked in the distance.

I stood. Waiting. No animals came forward. City silence filled the night air. City noises include trains, sirens, trucks and random car sounds. The white cloud began to morph and I wondered if this was the reason I had been summoned. Maybe it had meaning. I decided to see what the image might become as the form evolved. Fluidly reshaping itself, it became a large dragon head. White, puffy dragon head with an open mouth. No fire.

Then it happened, a flash so quick it made me wonder if I had somehow created it when I blinked my eyes. The sky now had my full attention. There I stood, neck starting to ache, looking up, entranced.

Within moments there was another flash. No mistake this time. Quick, bright white flash of light. It lit the entire sky. No storms tonight. What am I seeing? Lightening? This has happened before. Once - it even blinded me to a point - leaving burn marks in my eye for a few days.

I returned to bed after the third flash. It had been all of ten minutes but it felt longer. Gracie was gone from bedside the bed. Had she wanted me to see the source of her barking? Someone did.

And after all that -- I haven't a real clue about the source of the flashing sky. I do know there is a reason I am called and the contact continues.

Much has happened in the many days/years since they instructed me to work on my fear and gave me a physically audible "voice" to test the state of my awareness and I froze. When the vibration of that  voice resonated in my body, everything jammed up. Head to toe. Reality check. I was petrified.

Lost the connection. Yep, it was totally reflex fright. I was shocked because I thought I had conquered my fear of the unknown. Annoying and illuminating.

What will happen when it's more than just the sky flashing?

Then again, in 17 years of my non-corporeal companions flashing nightlights, desk lamps, floor lamps, store lights and more - the encounters they have arranged have been friendly. This next step is a long time coming because it isn't just a step, it's a leap of consciousness. What am I going to discover?

That's what keeps me going and the nightlights on. 

mag·ic ˈmajik
noun: magic
the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Talking to Nightlights