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Monday, October 20, 2014

Ghosts of Weston - and the Atheist who went to Heaven

Now about those ghosts. I'm sure they're here and I'm not half so alarmed at meeting up with any of them as I am at having to meet the live nuts I have to see every day.” - Bess Truman

Ghost Tales of Weston is an event I enjoy and have been part of for several years. This year, the added element included a walking tour of some of the local haunts Verna (Mainstreet Galleria Owner and Dinner Host) has talked about in years past.

Mainstreet Galleria in Weston, Mo. 2014
Seeing the sites and having a narrator or local resident fill in the details is an excellent upgrade. The most outstanding entry on the tour this time is a house so actively haunted that the residents are reconsidering their plan to become full-time inhabitants.

Apparently, they have been told the events at their house are a residual haunting. Floor walking might fall into that category but ghosts who stand in front of you and laugh and engage you by blowing or breathing in your face or smack a window pane so loud that someone is frightened off of a ladder are not residual.

The owners (who are skeptical but clearly intimidated) may need to rethink their life plan before committing to and taking on a daily (and nightly) high maintenance routine that will be part of living with that particular community of ghosts. It could certainly be educational. And that's another story. 

She sat at the table after most of the room had cleared. I don't remember now how our conversation started so I'll just share some of the highlights.

Her question: "Was he right?" Quick response: "Always." He says he was always right. She laughs and agrees that definitely sounds like him and queries again, becoming more specific, "He was an Atheist. Was he right about that?"

He replies and I feel flooded with the emotion of one who has a mix of surprise and remorse, "I got that one wrong. Very wrong. In flames." (I think comment conveys his humor at this current state.)

I think my question to him: Can you tell us what you found out?

He continues: "It was a surprise. So it's like, I guess this really goes on."

We talked about some of his lessons but the element of his new situation that made the most impact was this, in his words:

..."... and Heaven", he pauses, as I am beginning to feel an intense surge of elated emotion that prompts tears and a sense of overwhelming relief. "Heaven is more beautiful than anything I can describe."

She seems a bit amused and tells me he didn't believe in Heaven or Hell and read all sorts of books to support that position.

Another quick response, he says he's still a skeptic and not sure about the higher level stuff. But he is still here and that wasn't in his plan. He expected an ending. 

We had a long conversation and there were several messages that seemed to hit home for her but the one that caught her completely off guard and cemented the interaction as authentically him was a reference to personal care.

He gave me what I felt was an odd prod to tell her to pamper herself and I simply repeated what I heard.

He says you need to "get a manicure and a pedicure." She looked at me, eyes widened, jaw dropped.
There was a pause and her eyes filled with tears.

Then she told me she had been making plans and encouraging someone else that they really needed to make the extra effort for a party they planned to attend.

He knew.

She told me he still connects with her via cell phone and changes the location arrows when she drives by a place that had been special to both of them. He changes the images on her music covers and has managed to have a special song inserted into her playlist.

There was one interesting instruction he refused to stop telling her. What did he want her to do? Get a dog. She laughed and said that was an unusual thing to hear that coming from him... Why? Because she always wanted a dog and he wouldn't allow it.

He says there is a reason. He suggests that the dog will help her to stop wallowing and will force her to be social. Then he explains that he didn't want a dog because he couldn't deal with death. We all laugh because death is now his primary focus.

There was a personal experience related that added emphasis to his inability to cope with death. He assures us death isn't so bad. It certainly surprised him. Then he continues and tells her a dog will help her get out more. He also reassures her that he is still present. And the love. There is no doubt. 

She tells me she didn't expect this and wouldn't have asked and really didn't know why she sat at my table.

I do.

I never quite know when it will happen or what will come through. There are simply opportunities and prompts and I allow it. I do know it's an incredible thing to be part of the connection and I always learn something new. They also leave me with a buzz of happy energy. I consider it their way of saying thanks.  

When an Atheist checks in and tells you how amazing Heaven is - but insists he's still a skeptic, you know God has a sense of humor.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It started with a nightlight...

Oh, the places you'll go!  ~ Dr. Seuss

In December of 1997, I was gifted with an incredible metaphysical/mystical encounter so illuminating it convinced me to redirect my life and explore working with spirit guides, guardian angels and others to see what I might be missing by noticing only the manifest world.

The nightlight was interactive. 

I continued to work in broadcasting (20 plus years in the biz) but I was transfixed and mesmerized by what I had been awakened to and what I had awakened within me.

My guides became visible (as orbs) and stepped forward to offer telepathic direction. They coached me to improve and manage my energetic vibration and expand my intuitive awareness.

In order to communicate with the light blinking entity, I learned to channel.
Intimidated at first by the stigma around the topic of channeling, I didn't let that stop me. It was then and is now how the information flows best for me. In learning to become a conscious channel, I enlisted the assistance of a hypnotherapist to help me hone and test my ability through private individual and group settings before going public with my work in 2001.

That process took three years and allowed time for me to understand how the sessions were different in regard to navigating the energy flow that accompanies channeling for individuals and groups. There were some mind-blowing consciousness shifts on that journey.

The Nightlight is a proxy for a non-corporeal being - a light being. 

At the time, the Abraham material was beginning to gain a wider audience and I knew friends who became avid followers. It didn't have the same hold on me as I had discovered my own source of wisdom and found the content to be just as illuminating. Each of us has the ability to connect to our own higher guidance and the payoff is worth whatever effort is required in learning to tune in to that infinite creator source. 

I have tremendous respect for the guides and other energy beings I have worked with through the years. What was once a foreign and novel concept has now become a familiar routine. I gained appreciation for shamanism and the ability to sense/intuit/traverse fantastic unknown realms while shifting my way into a solid state of awareness.

The metaphysical and paranormal aspects of this lifestyle continue to provide a stream of wondrous events and happenings that are often far beyond my ability to explain or define. And I am now comfortable with that.

The nightlight continues to be interactive.
There is a tremendous magic in this world that one can miss when the focus is only on the manifest plane. All is connected. As such, we are one with all that we can and cannot see. We are energy. We do not die. We shift form and continue on. Those who have gone before are here to help us every step of the way. We only have to ask and allow and a whole new reality appears.

The book is Talking to Nightlights, how a nightlight changed and continues to change my life and has the potential to change anyone with whom it makes contact.

What a ride! Blessings to you on your journey!

Here is the review from the editor who helped my book into being -

[March 10, 2007

Talking to Nightlights

Dear Editorial Board,

Thank you for the opportunity to review the work that has been done on this manuscript.

The book has been improved enormously and it is, for the most part, a straightforward, clearly written account of the author’s unusual spiritual experiences. The book actually improves as it goes along and the final chapters are the best. Once it is ready for publication, it should be given an Editor’s Choice status.

An interesting parallel to the nightlight as a source of spiritual revelation can be found in the American poet James Merrill’s trilogy The Changing Light at Sandover, a poetic record of a decades-long series of messages received via the Ouija board by Merrill and his partner, David Jackson. And Yeats’s wife did automatic writing—it was the basis for Yeats’s book A Vision.

I’m just mentioning these to note that esoteric communication is a widespread phenomenon and the experiences recounted in the book are not as unusual as the author believes, even if the nightlight is.]

- That Editor gave me a wonderful boost to go forward wherever that path takes me. It helped to see a few other links on the chain. We each connect to source and spirit in our own unique way. For me, the light is with me every step of the way. :) I have yet to encounter another person who works with electrical energy in the same manner. The lights are a trip!

Amazon Reviews for Talking to Nightlights.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Roadtesting the Life Jackets and Baby Owls are a hoot!

I realized that Eastern thought had somewhat more compassion for all living things. Man was a form of life that in another reincarnation might possibly be a horsefly or a bird of paradise or a deer. So a man of such a faith, looking at animals, might be looking at old friends or ancestors. In the East the wilderness has no evil connotation; it is thought of as an expression of the unity and harmony of the universe. Justice William O. Douglas

Change is in the air. We took the dogs to the lake and gave their new life jackets a trial run.  

Fall Color starting to pop ... Gracie in her life jacket.

Amazing weather. Midday at Lake of the Ozarks and the water looked like a mirror. Perfect timing. Jack loves boat rides of all sorts. Gracie is more discerning. She wasn't thrilled with the paddle boat - too noisy. She and Jack both enjoyed the kayaks.

We've seen Osprey and Pelicans before. This time, an Eagle was the surprise encounter. Local resident and frequent visitor to the cove, the Heron keeps his distance.

Ninja Heron

Yesterday, back at home, an Owl checked in. Early morning and still dark, Jack didn't want to go out to the backyard by himself so I escorted him. A few minutes after we came back inside, the Owl began chattering non-stop for about 15 minutes.

I try to listen and honor the messages when Gracie and Jack resist or balk at their usual routine. Sometimes, it will become obvious as to why the need for change. Other times, the connections remain a mystery. I do know there is always a reason and when I support them, they can make adjustments accordingly.

They see more of the natural world and predators we don't acknowledge are quite obvious to them. I was glad I heard the Owl .. and glad I had gone outside with Jack.

Funny thing - after the Owl treated me to that enigmatic monologue, this vid popped up in the newsfeed. Adorable and very much like human children -- anything new finds a way to the mouth.

Is it dinner? So beautiful and their eyes are mesmerizing.

In regard to Owl as Totem and Spirit Messenger, when an Owl pops into your life - it could be a reminder to step back and connect a few dots.

One interpretation, if you don't already have a sense of the relevance: *"Open your eyes and truly examine how things are, you will be surprised that suddenly you can see things that are normally hidden from view – like the motives of those around you. External appearances will give way to the truth and meaning hidden beneath."

The world speaks to us in many ways .. listening is a skill - interpreting is a talent.