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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Empower yourself to connect with the UNseen Reality

Empower yourself to connect with the UNseen Reality.

Edited and reposted from 5/16/11

Conscious Living

Ghosts, Extra terrestrial/dimensional beings, Plant Energy, Spirit Guardians, Angels, Animals, Source – whatever words you have or understanding you have developed, take it one step further to create a ladder of conscious connection to the quantum level of awareness.

We are evolving our consciousness to become more attuned to the reality (at present) we have learned to block.

Cool thing: That blocked reality is much more REAL than we (in physical form) are. Why? Because that reality is not stuck in time.  Ah, the advantage to being formless and timeless.

Reclaim your Power to connect with the non-physical World - Reality. 

Ghosts are more (and less) than what we think. Throw out the program you've been fed and reclaim your inner knowing. The goal is to empower our thoughts, emotions and actions to enable us to discern and learn how to better access higher planes of awareness.

Those who are here (physical and non-physical) to help us in this awakening process are waiting for us to step up and do our homework so that they can join us and we may fully engage our talents from a multidimensional state of being.

The Oracle toolbox – Learn to read code. The universe is talking to you in every moment. Developing a language or guide to interpreting the signals and the meanings is a lifelong endeavor. Start where you are.

Automatic Writing – develop the ability to engage contact with the non-physical plane of awareness.

You CAN bless your House -- Reclaim your power and the connection to the divine within. First you must know your fear.

Deprogram your Fear -- me and my shadow. Know yourself.

Wendy is a channel. Undergoing a metaphysical shift of consciousness/divine awakening in 1997, she co-created a book with her spirit guides and a non-physical being: Talking to Nighlights.

In continuing to evolve and expand upon her connection with higher guides and The Energy, she has gained insight and access to awareness that has helped her to experience time-shifting, healing, mediumship, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, Extra Terrestrial and Extra Dimensional contact, and a multitude of encounters with various forms of non-physical others who are here to help us integrate our intuitive abilities so that we may reclaim our spiritual power and upgrade our manifest creation.

When I first began the journey with The Energy (non-corporeal being: the neutral descriptor I was given), I had very little awareness as to how to connect with my own (human insight) being. The Energy and a host of non-physical guides stepped in to offer instruction, exercises and experiences to address that lack of awareness to help me set a foundation from within which I could integrate a new understanding of our human/spiritual potential.

And then they showed me beyond reality - as we know it - a world (hiding in plain view) where we are connected with all that is, where we co-create, heal and perform miracles. They are called miracles because we simply lack the correct language to define them in our present scientific terms.

An example of our potential greater and unseen reality is demonstrated in this video by Gregg Braden.

We are so much more. Why can't we see this other reality (a great many of us)? We cannot see realities we have been programmed not to believe and/or to be afraid of. Those are the first two hurdles.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Insight and Nightlights

No matter what the manifest view -- alone is simply impossible -- but it does require a reconfiguration of that which you consider to be awareness to illuminate the field. - The Nightlights

One in the field ... Deer Medicine

What message might I share today? 

And the answer comes: Understood - Your thoughts are heard on multiple planes and that resonates to those of us in higher frequencies. 

We do not desire contact as you might assume, thus the connection is tenuous and depends more on your willingness to consider a thought as a speaker or a billboard and then knowing that will attract a certain element and you must determine whether that flavor is worth connecting or flinging back into the flow…
As you wish to become better attuned and give your own chaos a thorough cleansing, you begin to resonate to a more harmonious element and that begins to change your aura and your chorus then shifts to manage that output.

Being human is very limiting but it requires one who is resilient and dogged in determination to come through the fog and into the bright and shiny world of illumination thus that is the draw for incarnation.

Love life and live on ... Talking to Nightlights