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Friday, December 19, 2014

Reality Check - "We ARE here."

When contact occurs, most often the event is one on one. Given their ability to connect at will, it can be assumed that when they are ready to address a wider audience they will. Until then, validation and authentication are a challenge for the experiencer.

I have had a few contact experiences, including one earlier this year. I need to enhance the photo but the tiny white spec is what we saw. It looked like a star. Did it happen? Yes. Did anyone else see it? Not that I am aware. And so it goes.    
“Well, I hate to admit it, but it is possible that there is (one) such a thing as telepathy and (two) that the CETI project's idea that we might communicate with extraterrestrial beings via telepathy is possibly a reasonable idea--if telepathy exists and if ETIs exist. Otherwise we are trying to communicate with someone who doesn't exist with a system which doesn't work.”
Philip K. Dick, The Dark-Haired Girl

I hear "them". It's a beautiful spring afternoon, about 2 or 3pm. They tell me they are directly above the house and I can come outside and see them. This is how it goes with that telepathic thing. Some messages are crystal clear. Others require a bit of sleuthing.

Being in a curious disposition and wondering what I might see above my house, I give in and opt to leave the housework and writing and enjoy some sun. Our weather has been a quirky mix of cold, cool and almost warm. Today feels more like one would expect for an early Spring day.

Ready to begin the exercise, I park myself compliantly in a lawn chair on the patio and stare at the blue sky above me. Wisps of clouds drift overhead. I scan the space in all directions but nothing seems unusual enough to catch my eye. Two butterflies, beautiful, bright yellow, flutter around, above and across the rooftop. Darting in uneven circles, they mirror one another.

I telepathically broadcast my thoughts to "them"...  "Are you bugs? That's what you are because that is all I see out here. I see bugs who look like butterflies sailing in the air above me."

Agreeably, they answer, "Yes, we are bugs."

Okay, right. I was half joking and I don't quite buy my own comment so I keep looking.

Eventually, a plane flies above me, to the east. Interesting because it parallels the exact east-to-west direction I am stationed in my chair. Within a few more minutes, another plane traces that same path but from the opposite direction, headed west.

So I say to "them", "Okay, I get it: planes. You can make yourself appear to be planes. That's all I see above me now, planes."

Again "they" answer in that same agreeable fashion, "Yes, we are planes."

Right. Jokers. I mull it over. I was called outside to see bugs/butterflies and planes because that's all I have seen. "They" can be anything and I wouldn't know the difference. Is that what this is about? Maybe it is. I give up. It was interesting. It's always something new to learn in this little adventure. I go back inside and continue about my day. And there it ends.

No, it doesn't.

Later in the day, Andy is home and he calls out to me to meet him at the front door. He let the dogs outside and we haven't spoken more than a few words as he has just come home. He motions to me to stand where he has been standing, just outside the house at the front door. Then he tells me to look directly above us in the sky overhead.

Surprised at this interesting note of direction from him, I look up to see clear, blue sky. It's just before 8pm central time and the late day sun is still bright.

Alone in the space he has mapped out for me, I see it. Inquisitively, he prompts me, "Do you see?" Excitement sparkles in his eyes.

Wow. This is a complete surprise. Staring up at the sky, I offer my astonished reply. "I see a star," I say, as I look at him in stunned amazement. What has just happened?

"Good," he replies. "Sometimes I point stuff out and no one sees it."

I quickly run to the chair on the patio and look up from that vantage point. Sure enough, directly above me beams that fabulous, only star.

We both know it isn't a star. Wrong time of day and wrong position in the sky. (I checked again after dark to affirm there was nothing in that space.) Keeping tabs on that bright spec for about 20 minutes is easy. It doesn't move.

We rush around in a giddy frenzy, trying to get a picture and knowing we don't posses a camera capable of capturing an acceptable image to represent it. Frustration aside, we take pictures anyway and just let that be our proof. That's when I share with him my experience with "them" from earlier in the day. Curious, the timing.

The whole thing is amusing. This isn't our first encounter. Others have been just as perplexing and unpredictably synchronistic. I think we humans must be some sort of project for them.

Might it be that our growth and learning is key to a grand plan and they too are part of this equation? "They" - in my experience - are patient and persistent.

Today I learned I could believe anything I wanted of them and it would be true. Or, if I let the events play out, the rest of the story would eventually be filled in.

Then again, the rest of the story is still playing out - for me. On some plane everything is connected: Butterflies, Planes and Stars. I am the observer, the participant and the creator.

Or is this scenario a representation of our evolution? If we are butterflies and they are stars can we find a plane of connection that provides a middle ground? I have to keep working with this puzzle.

I do know the task before us is grand. They keep showing up to remind me to connect my dots as best I can. Beyond those dots is an even greater equation where nothing is what it seems.

We tend to think what we see is as it is represented. And yet, when I put the pieces of this puzzle together I remember: What we saw wasn't a star. Where does that leave the planes and the butterflies? And where does that leave me?

I already know. But I keep playing anyway .. at my role of seeking the answer.

Star ...or not.  The bright spot you can hardly see. (Center/1 inch down)
Welcome to my reality. There is so much here to explore and learn that one cannot possibly consolidate everything into one lifetime. So we come back - not because we have to. For some and many, we return because this adventure is worth doing and worth being present for.

Life is simply amazing in whatever form it happens. And our sphere of engagement is an incredible place to learn, love and play. Once you find your magic, endless doors open from there. What does it take to find that magic? Try curiosity and wonder.

Curious, I wonder about a star that isn't a star. ...And a nightlight that isn't a nightlight. 

So - what to do about improving the opportunities for contact? The suggestion is to become more sensitive. Advice from Sixto Paz, the man who founded Grupo Rama.

UU - "But, in RAMA, one can prepare oneself to have contact?

PAZ: Naturally, one can prepare to have contacts, but it always depends more on them than it does on us. What one must do simply is to sensitize oneself. One must learn to relax, to try to control one's mind with meditation.

What happened is this - five thousand years ago when ET's had tight contact with various colonies in India, these were the same exercises that they taught them - meditation, introspection - to fortify their will.

What they taught was to fortify their will so they couldn't be manipulated, not by anyone or anything ...not by ET's nor by their own consciousness."

Sixto Paz says he was 18 when he had his first physical contact with aliens. October 1974, in Chilca, a desert area 63 km south of Lima, Peru   Source.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Extraordinary - Nightlights

The young one ran up to me, clearly bursting with enthusiasm and excitement, confronting me for an inquisitive grilling at the earliest opportunity. "I heard you have ghosts in your house. Can you show me one?"

Yes, there are ghosts among us. The Nightlights are another story.

I do experience ghosts but my Nightlight, as it seems to have been relayed to this young one, is not a ghost, even though some who have no other sense of knowing might label it as such.

I responded to her quizzing with a gentle assurance that there are ghosts among us and sometimes at my house. I told her I could help but she will need to learn to see them for herself.

Many have seen the Nightlight activity in my house and in my presence. I have also demonstrated it for public groups. The activity can sometimes create complications for electrical gadgets in close proximity, although that is not the case in my home.

Some have experienced their own lights responding when I am expected for a visit or they are thinking about connecting. One (deceased) friend used to call me when the paranormal events began to compound in his space because he interpreted that as a sign we needed to talk. His office lights would often become brighter when I entered the room.

His light body energy was brown and steadily dissolving. I could not tell him that or that he was dying as that was fully up to him but I was supposed to impress upon him a sense of urgency. I strongly encouraged him to reconnect to his joy and ask himself if he had anything he really wanted to do in life.

Assuring me his life had been full and there was no sense of lack or anything he could do differently at that point, he told me he was content. It made me sad but he had the upper hand and his spirit had a higher path calling. He exited shortly after, via a very fast acting cancer.

I have no long, drawn out, scientific explanation for what I experience. The fact is - no matter what definition is ascribed to my Nightlights and the experiences that accompany this encounter - we, as a species, don't have all the answers and "reality" is delightfully (far) beyond our capacity for explaining or defining in linear fashion. Even better, evolution is upgrading our collective conscious knowing to reveal our ongoing role in a creation process that is multidimensional.
The Extraordinary exists alongside us - knowing, gentle, tolerant, loving, amused, compassionate, resolute. Waiting, ever patiently, for us to WAKE UP and integrate our light being awareness. As such, we are - talking to Nightlights.

What I experience - still gives me such a rush when I greet the day and the light flickers or remains "off" to let me know the play continues. I have no words for the awe this experience inspires and it continues to deepen as the years fly by. We are now entering 18 years of non-stop Nightlight inter-activity.

Yes, the Extraordinary exists alongside us and the Extraordinary is patient but the best thing is the Extraordinary is also fully capable and often motivated to give us an encouraging prod. If/when we deem ourselves worthy the collaboration begins.

Worthy, meaning one is reverent and respectful, unlikely to run amok on a power kick or derail on a messianic tangent.

Given a few trial encounters, a test is passed and one begins the adventure of consciousness  enhancement and frequency altering. Reality shifts to open a wider frame of reference (and reverence for all life in and beyond corporeal form). One is granted multiple opportunities to undergo a plethora of Extraordinary encounters to enable and engage heightened sensory awareness.

Contrary to the linear view with an expectation of graduation to maximum super-awareness/illumined state there is no projected concrete outcome in this process, rather one awakens to the constant process of evolution in a multidimensional state where evolution is not confined to a time-based environment.

Harmony and Chaos coexist and all is right with being. The best example I can offer is as a star nursery - where being sparks into life. No words suffice - and yet, the result exists.

We are infinite in our creation ability as is the Extraordinary in the unseen realm with whom we share our existence in awareness and hypnotic slumber. What will open us to a wider realm of knowing? 

There is an event in our near future - foretold and carried forward in many ancient cultures. The emphasis is not doom and gloom, although it might be construed as a serious complication for the current global mindset geared toward propagation of an emphasis on material consumption without regard to long term planetary or species benefit.

Reemphasized and underscored in current Channeled messages and Contactee content - this event is a game-changer, like no event in our known Earth history, a necessary catalyst, speed bump, jump start, reboot, in our timeline - helping us to re-prioritize and reclaim our natural connections and intuitive abilities and better demonstrate appreciation for our unique position in the star nursery.

The illusion: to believe one is alone. 
Nothing could be further from the truth.

In such a method and manner we have progressed through the centuries to arrive at a time when LIGHT has determined to make a grand appearance to affirm our state of co-creation.

So here we are, talking to Nightlights.

The Extraordinary exists alongside us - knowing, gentle, tolerant, loving, compassionate, resolute - waiting - ever patiently, for us to WAKE UP and upgrade our awareness.

What a time this is: the Age of LIGHT becoming. 

Yes, there are ghosts among us. The Nightlights are another story.

Conscious Living Schedule for 12/15/14

Ever curious. There are things going on here that we haven't the slightest idea how to articulate yet we feel the connect, the energy shift, the vibe lift and the frequency amp up. We know something amazing is happening. That something stimulates a sense of anticipation and wonder, maybe even a bit of concern.

No matter what sense is triggered, change is underwritten into this scenario and change is coming. Trust you are where you need to be, resources will be provided when needed and information offered in perfect time. All flows in divine form. 

It's nice to be able to offer a weekly rundown of Conscious Living shows now filed in the archives. If you do miss the nightly airing at 9pm central time (USA), then search the title and you'll find the episode on the Empower site or on iheartradio or itunes.

Most of the time, I will try to give you a cheat sheet like this, but when I don't there will be a link on the Empower site to find out what is running. The new show this week is Sonja Grace. We've spoken before but it's nice to reconnect.

Time flew!! This is the final new show for 2014. I'll take a break for the holiday and resume with a new show after the 1st. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to. I am booked through April.

DECEMBER 15 (MONDAY): "The Virtual Reality Lab" with Ross Holcomb. One of my favorite sources for information on Crop Circles, here's a vid with background on a tour. Here's the Ancient Megalithic Structure Top Ten Most Intriguing list Ross shared.

DECEMBER 16 (TUESDAY): How about this for a hobby? Edd Edwards likes to play with lightning. Spend a few minutes with Edd and find out how you can recharge your own energy system or connect with Edd and let him give you a "tune up".

DECEMBER 17 (WEDNESDAY): New Interview with Mystic Healer Sonja Grace. Becoming an Earth Angel.

DECEMBER 18 (THURSDAY): When the 4 men in robes visited Penny Kelly in the 80s, they gave her some insights about our future. Some of it, pretty grim stuff, has actually come to pass. They also shared what we need to do to set a course correction to avoid a worst case scenario. More info from Penny's website:

[Robes – A Book of Coming Changes is a book of global dimensions. In 1980, a group of little monk-like men in brown robes began to visit Penny Kelly, always asking her to “look at some pictures.” Over the next year and a half, the little men visited her regularly, each time showing her pictures of the future and emphasizing that humans needed to take responsibility for the world they were creating. This is the story of what she was shown, and an amazing commentary on the ongoing evolution of the human being.

From the blog Robes Excerpt #2:
“Each individual is a unique filter of the frequencies that surround the human body/mind system. Each human brain is a radio receiver responding to the matrix of waves and energy flowing through and around it.

“The brain’s job is to help the human body respond appropriately to the ocean of frequencies it lives in, and be a tool by which you explore those frequencies and the possibilities within them. To do so is literally to explore the possibilities of the Self. The process is meant to be shared with others in the way you used to share when you were children by saying, ‘Hey, look what I found… Hey, look what I can do… You can probably do it too.’]

DECEMBER 19 (FRIDAY): "Kids in Spirit" with Hollister Rand: clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient medium, regular contributor to, the website launched by John Edward. Preview her book, I'm Not Dead, I'm Different.

DECEMBER 20 (SATURDAY): "Exploring Visions" - called to a location for the sole purpose of Divine Revelation. Is that what I was told to get me there? Nope. I was shown after I arrived - the second time. The first time was the carrot. What an extraordinary life this is. Talking to Nightlights.