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Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and thank for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)

Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Empower your creation - Imagine up

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”
Anne Frank

Several media issues of late have reminded me how easily focus on the positive and good works in the world can be overshadowed by sensational headlines of the day.

To see a headline and consider that a statement of "reality" is limiting. No matter how juicy, dramatic, emotionally charged or even accurate - a headline is a perception limited to a very tiny window in time.

News is designed to manufacture interest and drive ratings. No more, no less. There is no direct intention in the news to present solutions or remedy world dilemmas. The goal is simply to present content deemed worthy of social merit and perceived value as ratings fodder. As such, drama, controversy, social ills and woes are front and center and ascribed facts represent works in progress that often point to what is wrong rather than what is succeeding or beneficial to the greater good. Bleeding leads remain the norm.

Thus, many who focus strictly on the headlines will find the positive and good news of the day relegated to a "feature" or a "kicker". That placement gives a slanted view to say the least.

As a former news broadcaster, I can say delivering a daily churn of negativity, death and mayhem, peppered with constant buying prompts can create a dour outlook, not to mention the sense of lack of self-worth and helplessness embedded within the perpetual programming to spend money to fix things that may not be broken and heal non-existent health problems. Programming is an amazing thing.  

Solution:  Either disengage from the drama completely or limit your dose and spend more quality time living, participating and dreamweaving your wonderful life.

Reminder:  Your time here is valuable and finite. Each and every issue you allow to hijack your mental focus on worthy endeavors (those activities, thoughts and projects that give life joy and being worth) robs you of the creative energy and drive to seek and celebrate the magic, wonder and joy playing out across the world canvas.

1/Feed the positive in every thought. 2/Restrict the negative as a limited diet. Both energies will remain ever-present in the playing field. However, you will sense the difference in your outlook and your quality of life.

3/Allow that which needs upgrading and refining a chance to float away on the cosmic stream of miscreation and embrace a dynamic energetic environment in which your thoughts influence all within your sphere of contact.

You are the spark in the moment, the light in the flame and the illumination for those who have yet to turn the corner and stop the darkness from taking hold. Your mind is the key to your liberation. Priceless and powerful - never hesitate to engage it and return it to active procreative duty.

Dream a world evolving into an amazing state where wonder is celebrated and all beings are valued and worthy... Ideas are the fuel in creation.

An imagination fully harnessed and empowered is exactly what is needed to give passage to incredible dimensions and engage untold enigmas our collaborators on the collective consciousness planes are calling us to reveal.

Fuel your mind to fan the flames of wonder and journey to the infinite - leave a legacy to the eternal fire of faith and belief in the potential existence of a world worthy of creation.


We humans are charged
with a very specific role at this time,
to reveal the magic hidden in plain sight.

A far greater challenge
than it might seem,
to see the dark in every day
and remain light.

~ Talking to Nightlights

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lights in the Dark -- Contactees and Ascension

Each day - an adventure in being. Extraordinary possibilities, creation presents. Answers are relative. Curiosity liberates. Mind on fire. Soul of wonder. Evolution in progress. Welcome to Conscious Ascension.

I have had several opportunities to interview Mary Rodwell about her work with Contactees. The latest of those is in the Archives on Empower Radio. We talk about Star Children and the upgrades to consciousness. 

Mary, by now, has documented accounts from some 3 thousand individuals who have reported their encounters. Here is her 2014 video presentation with an update of her work.

One of the most visible and vocal of those she mentions is Mike Oram. His experiences began in childhood and he has published books and written articles to offer follow-up perspectives and include new information. I love the cartoon perspective he offers up in Ben.

Here is his presentation:  "Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?" at the Extraterrestrial Communication Conference 2012 held at the Static Gallery in Liverpool.

These experiences and Mike's efforts to share his perspective - though more detailed and extensive - resonate for me.

The short list: I have personally experienced time shifting, telepathic contact, an electrical encounter that burned my eyes, another one that made me cry as a warning to encourage me to leave a certain space, unexplained healing, a presence in my room that spoke in a mechanical voice, a circular-red-and-green-lighted-hovering-object in the bedroom (I reported that one to Mufon in 2013.). When I tried to focus to better set the image in my memory, it immediately went through the solid wall and hovered for a moment outside the window before vanishing.

My experiences are varied (many are also in non-threatening dream environments) and subtle but I have been told I am being given contact in a way that I will accept and that will help me to gradually acclimate to their presence.

I did not pursue this interaction, it was a gradual process and (in the early 90's) I chose to categorize it among dreams and altered states of awareness. They have stated they do not - under any circumstances - wish to frighten me/us. In some very real physical sense we are not quite compatible to their energy/vibration and that can cause discomfort, nausea, muscle pains, and the like. (Same thing happens with ghosts.)

So the process now seems to be a global expansion of contact events and enhancement of etheric energy to better prepare those in this dimension, on this sphere of awareness, less distress in advance of eventual, mass contact.

My channeled content for Talking to Nightlights - when I asked The (non-corporeal being) Energy for a name - gave me a source that presents as a collective: Messengers of Light. I was advised by them at the outset to avoid jumping to conclusions or trying to define the source of the information until I became better acquainted and schooled in the wide variety of options in/of non-corporeal/telepathic/channeled contact. The term they prefer is Trans-dimensional.

At this time it is clear that much of what has long been designated "paranormal" also has quite a lot in common with UFO sightings and ET contact. There are too many similarities to be discounted. When I experience contact, there are several physical indicators that help me to identify it as such.

To counter that, the presence of my nightlight energy is constant and there is no discomfort in that enagement. Each has his own method of determining resonance or validating reality and those indicators do need to be ingrained via personal experience.

In 1998, I entered into a decade long process of intentional energy shifting (Ascension was the term the guides gave me and while it was an unfamiliar term to me at the time it is now much more common use.) and that may also have contributed to increased tolerance. My experience involved a tremendous amount of self-initiated consciousnesses expansion and energy balancing, a process that doesn't have a designated conclusion or predetermined outcome.   

My guides offer ongoing support and interactive engagement. Popping me out of body was a very effective method of demonstrating their influence. Inducing a transformative bliss state was another successful tactic. Those acts however, are given as carrots to encourage my pursuit of conscious awakening and ascension. I am responsible for continuing to do my homework. 

7 Keys to expanding and upgrading consciousness include meditation, emotional self-healing, deprogramming social constructs designed to distract one from individual pursuit of mind/awareness expansion, understanding fear, eliminating negative thought patterns, increasing empathy, activating telepathy.

Conscious Ascension: When operating within the manifest realm, one learns to understand how attention goes where mind flows. One can upgrade creation via infusion of fluid light essence to facilitate multidimensional awareness in solid state. 

The power to transcend this particular dimension is and always has been within. Like Dorothy in The
Wizard of Oz, as the mind flows, we remain home. The challenge is to wake up to intention and claim our innate presents as quantum creators. Know yourself.

That's where Trans-dimensionals excel.

Additional links for Mike Oram:
The Zen of Ben cartoon
Does it Rain in Other Dimensions - book
Home Page - In Other Dimensions

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ariel - The Phenom that validates Experiencers across the planet

White light in the bedroom this morning. 5/20/15. When this light thing began happening recently I threw pillows and blankets in that direction thinking it was the laptop computer. Then I discovered the computer was not on.

I began to investigate further. It only happens during the night. 4 am this morning. As I was awake praying, the southeast corner of the room lit up. Getting out of bed, I slowly approached the white glow that seemed to originate from under the other side of the bed. Andy didn't wake up and my nightlight remained off as I walked by. The moment I turned the corner of the bed, the glow dissolved.

Timing and Destiny. Events are happening in a specific sequence (by intelligent design) to inspire us to connect our dots. 

"There is a God. But there's also other things around that cannot be explained, you know. It's another creature." Ariel Experiencer. 

The Alien presence is not a fluke, a quirk, a fiction, a fantasy. Slowly, gently, methodically, we are being triggered, cued and clued into the presence of other beings here to facilitate awakening of our consciousness and encourage expanded receptivity to connect us to those among us who are not of human form.

Some, labeled aliens or ETs, have the ability to manifest a form, others can shift themselves (or us in some fashion) to allow us a view. Others are simply non-corporeal transdimensionals. Consciousness is present and engaged without need of physical form. 

What can humans "see"? At this point, very little when confined to the physical dimension of sight but that is also changing as increased consciousness work expands our abilities and younger generations are born with certain PSI abilities intact/already expanded.

No matter the limitations, when each learns to transcend and expand his focus beyond the manifest and corporeal form, as a natural result of Astral travel, Remote viewing, Out of body and Near death experiences, the better question becomes: What is present that cannot be seen with the physical senses, yet can be engaged and enhanced through expanded PSI awareness. What IS "reality" hiding from us until we upgrade our being?

That is the expansion humanity is undergoing, each and every unique one at a time. We are NOT alone.

The Ariel Phenomenon as told through the brilliant expanding of the John Mack materials spells out, in no uncertain terms, the presence of "others" in our midst and begs a wider audience to validate the knowings of Experiencers across the globe.

Change is squatting on the timeline giving us fair warning. Events ahead are about to become far more interesting than the territorial squabbles upon which we have historically focused our energy. Humans are evolving with the times and through conscious and intentional creation the times are changing us.

Upgrade and engage your own inner sight. The past does not become us. We are manifesting the future by fully embodying our focused knowing.

The present has reached the point of no return. Hello Galactic beings. The next step in the stage of human evolution is playing now...  

"There is a God. But there's also other things around that cannot be explained, you know. It's another creature." Ariel Experiencer. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Presence in the divine unseen ... ever at the ready

Miracle = being hit over the head with a reality one cannot fathom. 

It seems the time is now for us to expand our consciousness horizon. We do so without template or blueprint or guiding script ... intentionally ... to understand and integrate a way of being without the inadvertent taint of preconditioning.

Angels are among us. In truth, that title is simply a label/bookmark that encompasses many beings we have yet to encounter who don't register in the limited framework saddled on our reality.

Sitting outside waiting for the storm to roll in, I watched the clouds and listened to the birds. The wind died down and all was still for a moment. Then it kicked back up. I heard the chimes softly toning in the background and noticed I had company.

Just a few feet from the chair, the butterfly garden light was blinking. It was still daylight and there was nothing present to cause a dimming to trigger the light .. and yet .. the blinking continued. Just like my nightlights.

Should I grab the camera? Would it allow me to capture the interaction? Why did I need to do that? I know what I see. This is such a special relationship I am finally tired of trying to capture it or prove it -- after nearly 20 years of such encounters -- it is enough to enjoy the glow in the experience.

I decided just to tell it. It is what it is, another amazing reminder we are in good company always .. whether we know it or not. Nightlights. Sometimes we see them. Most of the time - we are meant to learn to connect without the seeing to develop our senses and expand awareness and trust. And what a great world that reveals .. might be why it is called Enlightenment.

The blinking light was fascinating -
because the batteries need to be replaced.

Others among us, those who reside in energetic form, simply have no use for the limitations of physicality. Time doesn't apply to them. Appearances are relative, given the role required by the occasion.

They choose to be seen and/or not. Our actions determine encounters.

Thoughts register on their plane and, given our species learning curve and the pervasive insistence that nothing exists beyond the physical plane, they are content to let us validate our reality and thus they refrain from engaging contact.

So much more to learn about our abilities in human form, it can be overwhelming to discover the possibilities .. and the potential. Each and every day we are, with and without knowing, manifesting the energetic realm. When we are open, allowing, curious, receptive and joyful .. that realm seeks us out and we grow more.

The following story popped up in the feed at just the right time. It demonstrates how encounters with the energetic beings among us can produce amazing results when called upon on behalf of another. It represents reality - far greater than any currently known or quantified by our science. 

Angels - "we saw angels!" Parabola Magazine.

The beauty in expanded overview? It has nothing to do with eyesight. PSI Awareness requires the ability to step back from the constant pull of mental musing to allow the energetic world a chance to share its secrets.

That is why meditation is such a focal point as a key of entry. When we can quiet the logical mind to remain open and unfocused on projecting our desires, hopes, dreams, wishes, regrets, criticisms, etc., we allow another latent creation ability to frame the scene. Reality dawns .. and the door to greater awareness stands open wide for consciousness upgrade. The next step is you...