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Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and thank for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)

Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Deep End - Where Mediums learn to swim

Wendy's Coffeehouse Oracle: You are the light you seek. Hidden in plain view.

Forgive me if I have related this story before but it was a very critical time in my initial awakening to the non-physical others who were encouraging me to try and work with them to offer connection to the spirit plane.

Pieces of the Whole
So very foreign, this way of operating took me away from the world of logic and concrete form to a state of presence that required attunement to sensations, signs, imagery, smells and telepathic prods
while the living sat in judgement - curious, cautious, hopeful, and in some cases completely disbelieving that I could present anything of earthly value;
concerned that I might cause more hurt and harm to the bereaved in light of that situation.

It could be daunting. Along with my own uncertainty of my ability, I would learn to disregard self-conscious concern about appearances and the desire to have every answer validated in some public form. I simply had to try and trust that I would make no mistakes on that higher plane if I could give up my worry about judgement by the living and trust my unseen guides and our non-corporeal connection. I could be wrong and right.

Again she replied and her answer was still, "NO." Given what I was getting from the guides -- that response didn't make sense. I had asked her if the name "Penelope" had any meaning for her.

This was one of the first times I sat for an open gathering and allowed for an interchange that included questions from those who had lost loved ones. It wasn't anything I was prepared for and I had to trust there was a reason this name issue was so important.

There were a dozen or so of us seated in a circle at the gathering. My guides had assured me there would be challenging questions and I would have to listen and learn and allow the session to lead me. This person was very adamant in her denial. As perplexing as that was, I sensed it was me who had to jump the hurdle. I had to let go of my doubt in my ability and my fear of failing to simply allow I had the right connection. I decided to opt for a more tactful approach.

I didn't usually get names and this was very specific and (to me) an odd name. Her unwavering second negative response and knowing others in the circle were observing made me hesitate but I could not stop. I felt a bit uncertain and considered dropping the question but then I asked silently for an assist. What could I do?

The guides had told me that sometimes it would simply be best to allow the person to give you the answer that was most important at that time. It would be their own answer and it was unimportant as to whether I was right or wrong.

Then the prod came from the guides. Ask again. I heard the name very clearly in my head. While waiting for that moment, I was gently redirecting the flow of the conversation and sharing the energy sensations I had been receiving during that time. The flow was soothing and had a pink light around it. The energy was visual and looked like a cloud.

I worried that the group was judging me in a sense that my asking the same question yet again did not honor her position. It would appear that I was callous in my refusal to accept her answer. It would appear that I had a problem with being wrong. I couldn't worry about any of that.  

The unseen prod from my guides assured me I could handle being wrong. It wasn't my call. My job and my loyalty was, first and foremost, to listen to the guides and offer that information to the best of my ability, no matter what the external outcome or how it made me look.

When one works in the role of intermediary there are no losers or winners, no wrong and right, just messengers on the path. Light messengers. I swallowed my uncertainty and held strong to the vibration of the frequency. The name was "Penelope".

Out loud, for a third and final time, I would offer the person in front of me a chance to respond to the message. I apologized and then, in the most non-confrontational tone I could manage, I said, "I am told I need to ask again. Are you sure this name - "Penelope" - has absolutely no connection to you?"

Quite irritated by now with the whole thing, she looked me directly in the eye and responded with a tone of complete exasperation, "Penelope was her given name but WE never called her by that name. It was the name her family used."

Collective gasp in the room. That question wasn't about me being right or wrong. That question was the spirit of her deceased companion trying to get a message to her to let her guard down and open her heart. It was the one true sign of presence that I was not guessing or offering conjecture.

There is no one in my life, nor had I ever met a person named Penelope. I too was amazed. I could not have known it was the person who had recently died.

Her loved one was trying to offer a sign, there is no death. More information was given. If I had been less trusting of my guides and more concerned about the appearance of being right, I would have missed the opportunity to help her make a connection. I would have failed those in the non-physical realm. That was a breakthrough moment for me. I still don't know where my "answers" come from. It varies. I just trust they are there when they are needed. 

What I remember after that is an amazing charge of positive energy filling me and that entire space. Her energy softened too. I saw the cloud of pink enlarge and fill the room. This channeling, intuitive ability thing would not be anything I could explain. Clearly, it would require me working without a net and trusting my guides -- no matter the outer appearance. I would have to rely solely on their direction.

One cannot work with spirit if one is not willing to let go of external judgement and crowd approval. That is the first test. It was an extraordinary night.

My non-corporeal friends don't wear bodies yet they are more than fluent in the language and idiosyncrasies of those who do and, when allowed, can offer comfort and reassurance to those in doubt and grief, wondering whether their loved one found their way home to the light on the flip side.
Very few get lost.

One day this won't be so unorthodox, this way of knowing. Two things I have learned: We are never alone and we are one in the light. 


Monday, September 21, 2015

Update - Conscious Living on Empower Radio

~ Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Refreshing the post for this one. Gearing up for a busy season. Empower has been the home base for my Conscious Living show since 2011. The preview line-up for this week - link is time sensitive.

In the heat of creation -- the marble glows.
Here's the current info. The newest show is aired at 9 pm central time Wednesday.

After the first air time, each show has a unique permalink and is available for listening 24/7. Current shows post at the top of this page.

My focus continues to be on Metaphysics and Consciousness and I am usually booked two months ahead.

When and if a show guest cancels, I go solo. I am overwhelmed with guest requests and working to add what I can.

Although I have had requests to do more solo shows, I have fun interviewing and sharing ideas with others who, like me, experience some of the incredible and unexplained in the world. I believe it is important to increase awareness that this isn't as far-fetched as has been drummed into many of us from childhood.

Rather than sane vs crazy, normal has a wider - and much more interesting - range. Some of that may be due to the evolving state of consciousness and an ongoing expanding in our awareness in general.

The opportunity is now for me to share these amazing stories and insights so the goal is to keep the momentum going forward and add a solo show here and there when the occasion allows.

Behind the scenes quirks this week. When I interviewed Susan Prout, I threw in a spontaneous question about ET contact and whether that was anything she had encountered without a clue what her answer would be. She paused, said it wasn't a thing she talked about often but --- and then described the grey being she witnessed in the family garage and told her babysitter about as a child. I was thrilled I took a chance with that question. It's such a great story!

The other fun bit of info is from Denise David Williams who says she remembers looking at herself in the crib after she was born and thinking, and I'm paraphrasing this: "Uh-oh, now it starts!"

To know and to not have a clue. There are times when the flow with my guests is so fluid I wish the shows were longer and then I worry that they are too long and listeners need shorter bites or they'll tune out without hearing the best stuff. And then I let it go. I trust the content will be exactly what is needed at the time a person tunes in.

One thing sure in my world - when a thing is important - reality shifts to position us in such a way that we are where we need to be and getting information we could not have anticipated. The best things can happen when we open to awareness and make room for possibilities without knowing what direction or why the dots are needed. Eventually, everything falls into perfect sync.

Two dreams I had shook me for quite some time. One involved my Angel book. That's what it is called. I was somewhere in a cloud and reading up on what I had agreed to do during my lifetime and I was ecstatic because it all made such great sense. Then I had to come back and started falling through that cloud of gray mist. I held tight to my book, trying to keep it so I would remember everything and get it right but they don't let us keep it. I fought it and was stuck in the cloud until I released the book. And then the information was gone too!

I got a peek to remember (and then quickly forget) part of my journey and the emotion of joy lingered because I had seen how everything was planned and I had held a real book with details - a diary - in that state. I also remembered we are not supposed to see that book until this little escapade is over. Even so, I was irritated and bummed about how it all made perfect sense there and then I lost all knowing of it when I returned here.

The other dream is simple. I was a yellow duck riding in a UFO. There were no walls, just a single empty room that sometimes shifted and threw me off my feet. Without arms, I couldn't grab onto anything. I knew I had been given an important job to do and I was on my way to the assignment. It was fascinating, being in the body of a duck. I could also see out of a window. Black space and stars. That's it. (So, there might be a quack reference. Guides have a great sense of humor!)

The guidance came later. It wasn't a duck, it was a goose. The storyteller. I am not sure I have lived up to that yet. There was a lucid dream visit from the Men in Black in 2009 and a nudge about an agreement I am to continue working on. Whether this is it? They won't give me that answer.

The prods do continue. And the nightlights flicker. (Thank you!!!) Contact continues to expand. What an incredible world, this reality! Charge on.

Love light and laugh -- wendy :) 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The mystery in play

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” -Dr. Seuss

How does one reconcile the transcendent experience of a lifetime, giving it a greater presence in the present that still allows one to resume a normal routine? How can one manage the overwhelm of anomaly and extraordinary wonder with no way to translate it into manifest form? I still can't fully explain what has happened and is happening to me.

Potential ... Image credit: Wendy Garrett
Coming to terms with that requires time and acceptance and letting go of limiting mindsets so that experiencing the wonder holds more value than my desire to explain, translate or define it. When my priority changed and I focused on integration...peace flowed.

This summer has flown by. Each time I started to write, life picked up the pace and called me to other projects.

My metaphysical realm is shifting. There is a tremendous sense of energy and light pouring into the manifest plane at an intense level and that can create a challenge when one has to find a way to balance the overload of stimulation.

Chaos is now manifesting in many forms. The challenge is to harness and direct that energy rather than trying to fight or reject it.

My past coping method was to add to my list of projects or increase the "to do" list with something that had a deadline and forced steady focus. However, my perspective on that has completely changed and I find myself rebelling. I don't feel the need to shut down or limit my options. I also don't feel compelled to share the personal wonders I experience as strongly as I have in the past. I would rather keep the focus on the exploration and the search to validate the experiences others are having and present those to a wider audience.

My own unusual and unexplained events and happenings are now so much a part of me and so many more transcendent stories are available that I am increasingly happy just going with the flow.

I wake up knowing the presence of my blinking nightlight is a constant and whatever I choose to ask or request from my spirit companions is simply a pastime and a life experience for me. It's personal and special just for that. The external world response doesn't change how I experience it nor am I required to document or attempt an explanation.

In the beginning, it felt so important for me to share and relate that this stuff is not an unnatural occurrence but a very necessary step in the process as humans undergo an upgrade in our conscious awareness and an expansion of our intuitive abilities.

I also wanted to demonstrate that life didn't have to take a 180 or require one to retreat from public life to experience greater elements of the paranormal and metaphysical realities. Even though that is exactly what initially happened as I tried to figure out what the heck all this stuff meant and how it fit into my world. That part was a rocky transition.

It seems, without planning or knowing what it would look like, I have achieved my goal as I worked it through. Thus, the desire to put the nightlight stuff out there has shifted to enjoying it and celebrating the novelty that companionship brings to my life.

I am now doing jobs I thought I had to forgo in order to preserve some sort of credibility when all along it wasn't about whether anyone else thought my story to be credible. It was about me knowing - no matter what the external chorus chose to reflect - my reality remains simply that: my reality.

A wonderful world it is. What next? This what I am living to discover. And my nightlights are right beside me via that amazing illuminated display. Even when there are no nightlights, their energy is ever-present. That is what I had to integrate and become comfortable expressing.

Nearly two decades after this enigma began, I can say I am finally secure in that knowing state. Now, I can go forward and bring in the next piece of the puzzle. Going with the flow and sensing the energy along the way. As they told me a long time ago, the lights are part of our illusion. Each and every one of us is lit from within.

What was it I was fighting in myself for so long? Trust. Funny thing, that. I truly thought I had that one handled. I did trust my actions and the spirit guidance that comes as part of this work.

What I had to struggle against and delve much deeper to address turned out to be a need to trust my reactions.

And that is the work in progress as the lights remain - my illuminating present. Such a gift I must have worked lifetimes to bring through. It keeps the child in me alive, ever curious, ever fascinated. What wonders have we yet to recover, discover, explore?

They're all here. Life is amazing! Reality, even more so.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Empower your creation - Imagine up

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”
Anne Frank

Several media issues of late have reminded me how easily focus on the positive and good works in the world can be overshadowed by sensational headlines of the day.

To see a headline and consider that a statement of "reality" is limiting. No matter how juicy, dramatic, emotionally charged or even accurate - a headline is a perception limited to a very tiny window in time.

News is designed to manufacture interest and drive ratings. No more, no less. There is no direct intention in the news to present solutions or remedy world dilemmas. The goal is simply to present content deemed worthy of social merit and perceived value as ratings fodder. As such, drama, controversy, social ills and woes are front and center and ascribed facts represent works in progress that often point to what is wrong rather than what is succeeding or beneficial to the greater good. Bleeding leads remain the norm.

Thus, many who focus strictly on the headlines will find the positive and good news of the day relegated to a "feature" or a "kicker". That placement gives a slanted view to say the least.

As a former news broadcaster, I can say delivering a daily churn of negativity, death and mayhem, peppered with constant buying prompts can create a dour outlook, not to mention the sense of lack of self-worth and helplessness embedded within the perpetual programming to spend money to fix things that may not be broken and heal non-existent health problems. Programming is an amazing thing.  

Solution:  Either disengage from the drama completely or limit your dose and spend more quality time living, participating and dreamweaving your wonderful life.

Reminder:  Your time here is valuable and finite. Each and every issue you allow to hijack your mental focus on worthy endeavors (those activities, thoughts and projects that give life joy and being worth) robs you of the creative energy and drive to seek and celebrate the magic, wonder and joy playing out across the world canvas.

1/Feed the positive in every thought. 2/Restrict the negative as a limited diet. Both energies will remain ever-present in the playing field. However, you will sense the difference in your outlook and your quality of life.

3/Allow that which needs upgrading and refining a chance to float away on the cosmic stream of miscreation and embrace a dynamic energetic environment in which your thoughts influence all within your sphere of contact.

You are the spark in the moment, the light in the flame and the illumination for those who have yet to turn the corner and stop the darkness from taking hold. Your mind is the key to your liberation. Priceless and powerful - never hesitate to engage it and return it to active procreative duty.

Dream a world evolving into an amazing state where wonder is celebrated and all beings are valued and worthy... Ideas are the fuel in creation.

An imagination fully harnessed and empowered is exactly what is needed to give passage to incredible dimensions and engage untold enigmas our collaborators on the collective consciousness planes are calling us to reveal.

Fuel your mind to fan the flames of wonder and journey to the infinite - leave a legacy to the eternal fire of faith and belief in the potential existence of a world worthy of creation.


We humans are charged
with a very specific role at this time,
to reveal the magic hidden in plain sight.

A far greater challenge
than it might seem,
to see the dark in every day
and remain light.

~ Talking to Nightlights