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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Altered states - and Overseers

“Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is so much magic in my reality it sometimes makes it very difficult to focus on living in the day to day world. However, I have learned to ground myself by following a general work routine and keeping a journal. This extraordinary stuff (and my nightlights are included) that goes on under the radar for most of the world is simply fascinating to me. I doubt I will ever tire of trying to figure it out.  

Nothing is what it seems. There is a great deal of wonder hidden in plain view for those willing to suspend disbelief and open to explore a world where anything is possible.

Weston Ghosts - children playing in the halls.
The biggest mistake is to doubt or discount a perception simply because it cannot be validated by consensus view or the science of the day. 

When one realizes each is operating under a different belief system and different abilities in terms of intuition and extrasensory perception, one is far less willing to accept a common view and more open to testing the validity of any encounter against one’s own inner knowing and personal experience.

In choosing to then expand or enhance an awareness beyond the norm, there may be no established preset or blueprint. In the true nature of an explorer one must simply determine that there will always be a first time – and the term "normal" is likely a generic construct. There may actually be a wide variety in degrees of “normal”.  And rather than a constant, the state is evolving.

When I began interacting with the nightlights in 1997, my guides stepped forward and began shepherding me through an intense course in all things metaphysical in an effort to help me increase my frequency and enhance my ability to channel. I was told I was on the path of conscious ascension long before I had any idea it was a "we" thing, as in, many of us are working this ascension program.

One dramatic moment (orchestrated by the guides in 1998) included a spontaneous out of body experience during a hypnosis session – where they induced the state mid session – and, while floating above a glob of color I knew as me seated on the couch below, I remembered significant life challenges and soul purpose in this incarnation. The OBE point was to encourage me to remember my true form as spirit essence. I am still amazed at how easy it was for them to kick me out of myself.

However, it wasn’t until 2009 that I had an experience that demonstrated how pliable our 
reality really is and how unseen others can – if they so desire – influence our perception and the interactions we have in our day to day (and night) encounters. 

I was also given a series of exercises to demonstrate how one could track the change in the timeline and, in some cases, predict or alter events. This is very much a shamanic realm. Instructions included paying attention to words, symbols, news headlines, landscape and more. Each had a message and indicated a greater drama playing out. 

On more than one occasion I was given advance notice that events would require me to act as an observer and not telegraph any information to avoid sticking myself to that timeline. Certain cues would present and I knew the time had shifted. Paranormal activity increased, and the animals became agitated or nervous. There was a change in the barometric pressure and the senses, smells and such, became enhanced.

There was and is so much detail to all of it that I cannot fully convey everything that transpired and I was told not to write about it at the time because writing would interfere with the process.

"Why is that?" I asked. Up to that point I rarely missed a day.

The reply is that when we write, we are creating a very solid, linear projection. We are not fluid in thought. Any attempt to change a timeline or experience an altered state requires non-form and fluid awareness. No expectation, no projection, no attachment – just a seamless and effortless flowing into the moment.  

The set up for this life chapter was an encounter with the Men in Black in a dream. The message was simple. They showed me my partner was not the person I was supposed to be with and told me I needed to start doing what I had agreed to do when I came here. It was a trigger. There had been signs. I knew in the dream the exact reference and something more.

What I then remembered, I knew without knowing. After the dream, my daytime experiences mirrored that awareness, paranormal elements intensified to underscore the message and add emphasis to the timing. There would be no need for a second warning. I made bold and dramatic alterations in my life.

The events and information given to me at that time suggested that there is a parallel world running a program alongside us that is very much involved with keeping the negative element in check. Even if we don’t see the Karma play out, these overseers are tweaking things and charting an alternate course. They can be seen and make no attempt to disguise themselves because they look just like us but – unless they choose to clue us in and we agree not to interfere – we have no idea they are here.

Are they worried and am I in trouble for talking about them? Not for a moment. Unlike the angels who collect the dying and insist certain things be kept from the living while their story is ongoing, the overseers know full well that most will not believe me. And those who have encountered these beings already know without my telling. We may have different names for them. But others do know they are here.

I share these quirky experiences of my life to plant seeds in the curious and comfort in the knowers. We are not alone. Ever.

Each and every one here is playing a part in a larger story. Fascinating. And we don’t get to see how it really ends until we check out. Funny thing is, when we signed on for this adventure, that’s exactly what we wanted: a cliffhanger. 

"Because you are alive, everything is possible... " - Thich Nhat Hanh 

Monday, September 22, 2014

If you want to converse with Angels -- Do no harm

The dawn is coming. 

When one desires audience with Angels and beings of higher vibratory frequency and all such forms who serve the greater good, the first step requires eliminating judgment. All is worthy. Only love is real. Beyond that, there is a being state where no-thing is secret. 

One who cannot incorporate a compassion for others in the manifest plane is unable to access that awareness until the transition state when there is a cessation with contact in the physical realm. In other words, the higher knowing is reserved for those who cannot corrupt or misuse it in any fashion. Such is the wisdom of spirit. - The Nightlights

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense.
mevlana jelaluddin rumi - 13th century

 Ask and it is given.

I have been silent on the topic of my nightlights for a bit. Messages shared on occasion are the tip of the knowing and sometimes I simply don't know how to begin or how anything I share can make a difference. So I let them talk and I wonder at the purpose and why I am given this encounter, this extraordinary interaction. Why?

Then I remember, because I was curious. I  wanted to know - is there more to know about life and being human? What is there that we could learn? What is here that we might miss if we weren't paying attention? What is more?

Turns out there is so much more that I am overwhelmed in the task of telling. I don't even have words for some of it. In gathering my awareness and trying to figure out how to share that information, I have been watching, waiting, learning, listening.

The flickering, blinking, light show never stops. Yes, it has different patterns and No it doesn't respond to or act in such a manner as to tapping out a sequence that would allow for translation as some sort of code. The lights flash because the information is flowing -- in telepathic form. They flash as a signal the energy is present. And the information simply flows - whether I share it or not. It simply is.

So the nightlights are talking and I agreed to share their message - but I only have a certain amount of physical energy to work with it in small doses so I will go with that and let it direct the flow. It would appear that now is as good a time as any to continue honoring my agreement. 

What is it that I can offer that would be most helpful in this time?

The Nightlights: ["There are many things the human species is in the process of learning and becoming on the path of self-revelation. Of the most important: what it is like to be more than a physical body.

When one becomes fully self-aware, the need to create a set of rules for another is no longer of any concern. There is a tremendous joy in recovery of soul memories set aside to experience the earth plane and physical awareness.

Beyond that, a recovery of all that is, has been and will become in the spirit plane and the greater plane of knowing. One has a sense of appreciation and awe beyond any physical means of translating - simply knowing all that has transpired in physical life was part of a journey of expansion and spiritual metamorphosis.

There is more than the physical being and more than a physical vessel. The realm beyond is waiting for humans to get with the program and earn their new role of advocate for greater being. And - no matter how much backsliding or distress or seemingly misguided the few lost tribes will appear - all has a certain outcome. The timing is a matter of a greater cycle and all things relevant to that are only given when this class of humans passes the course in compassion that has one primary role, purpose and message: Do no harm.

When one desires audience with Angels and beings of higher vibratory frequency and all such forms who serve the greater good, the first step requires eliminating judgment. All is worthy. Only love is real.

Beyond that, there is a being state where no-thing is secret. One who cannot incorporate a compassion for others in the manifest plane is unable to access that awareness until the transition state when there is a cessation with contact in the physical realm. In other words, the higher knowing is reserved for those who cannot corrupt or misuse it in any fashion. Such is the wisdom of spirit.

Humans will have to pass a certain test of character before the real magic can become part of everyday being. And the best news is that one day -- that reality will be a given. Until then, magic will simply test the waters to see who is ready to upgrade and who still needs a course in life knowing from a lower state of awareness in order to better appreciate the changes required to leave the corporeal attachments behind.

What happens to those who are unable to let go of the need to hurt, harm, subjugate, belittle, demean, debase, control? That is not a concern of any who desire transformation. It simply requires faith to know enough to look to a lighter way of being, to know energy has a way of evening the score and sticking around to watch that play out .. is no longer of any interest when one has truly found and signed on for a higher calling.

To be more -- know there is a wonderful plan in place and -- even in the darkest moment -- Light has underwritten a passage ensuring the rite of saving grace. Know wonder and know more.

The world is about to get a huge shift ... as what has been kept from plain view for millennia ... is about to reclaim conscious awareness in a very public way. Those who are timeless - are about to create a diversion on grand scale, again. The purpose: to effect a course correction and nudge into active state the greater good in humanity so that life can once again - with full knowing of the divine - get back on track to higher evolutionary state of being."]

The dawn is coming.

Before fear hijacks the scene, a redirect. This shift involves a switch from focus on external wealth and trappings to a restoration of the value of discovery -- beyond knowing and being -- in the pursuit of wonder.

It looks the same and different than it has in past generations because we have indeed evolved to a point that we are beginning to make conscious connections to the true nature of extraordinary awareness when wealth becomes a sense of grand adventure in unparalleled encounters with the manifest and the ephemeral.

It wears many guises, one of which, might look like this:

It wears the statement:

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets 

The dawn is coming.