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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grounding the present one

A few weeks ago, the guides had me arrange two appointments to help anchor my light body so that it would be receptive to the upgrade in solar energy waves and offer a smoother transition for the physical body through the frequency upgrade of the 2012 shift.

December 5th was the initial adjustment and required a stabilizing of the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. All energy work focused on getting a solid state connection.

The electrical waves that morning were on overload. My lights had been dark for several hours - not a flicker or a blink. That usually happens to clue me in during times of energy fluctuations or dimension shifts.

While on the phone, speaking with a friend, one of our dog toys, a ball with a battery that lights and flickers, proceeded to blink and flicker non-stop for about ten minutes.

When I started to worry whether I needed to put it elsewhere so as not to disturb the dog, it stopped.

The session was a mix of instructions as to what I needed to release and work through to allow the incoming new energy to set a more cohesive vibe into place. Purposefully, the guides worked on the solar plexus and root chakras and said the crown was not the focus for this session.

One of the physical responses to that particular approach was that I experienced an increase in heat, enough to make me feel the need to request the massage table heat pad be turned off. In past sessions, I have not had that issue. When the session ended, it felt like my spine had been straightened. Only at that point did I understand the purpose: Grounding. I was invigorated!

The energy build is underway and (while it will be a different experience for each and every one) some of us can feel an increase in the daily flow.

There is a sense of lightheadedness or dizziness and fullness in the temple. Whatever personal chakra has been calling (his/her) attention is in process of being attuned, opened and receptive to an influx of activation waves.

For me, December 12th is an alignment of the heart and crown chakras.

As these areas are addressed there will be yet another level of awareness activated and a greater sense of conscious connection with the higher planes and dimensions.

My inner awareness/intuition has steadily evolved since 1997 as I have worked in tandem with the energy of the nightlights. The wonder and magic of this unquantifiable dynamic never ceases to amaze me.

The journey has been like a tour of a metaphysical carnival. The short list includes; divine guidance, paranormal encounters, physical healing, experiencing time shifts and parallel dimensions, visions, dream weaving, seeing energy and light forms and telepathic connections with other beings.

With this new energetic configuration - new elements are being added. What an amazing time to have agreed to experience a life in the physical plane.

There is no one-size-fits-all remedy or direction for making a smooth transition through this high octane, energy cocktail of cellular reconfiguration. Relax, hold focus and pay attention to the vibes.

What I can offer is that you give yourself a chance to adjust to the influx of energies and keep your own physical being hydrated and mobile. This signal is continuing to amp up. As that happens, there will be some physical counter effects of feeling overwhelmed or maxed out and tired to the point of exhaustion or just the opposite: exhilarated. (Or hot! Smile... however you might interpret that.)

The resulting experience in the manifest plane is all a matter of how you completed your homework up and to this point in time. No good or bad, simply an allowance that you have your own recipe for making this transition. Listen to/Open to your inner guidance and trust your unique directions.

There are many who are coming forward in this moment to offer messages of fear and uncertainty. Such messages are a reflection of ego. That element is a strong and valuable component in the physical plane but allowing it to set the course? The choice determines the path. Ego or Soul. Clarity on the matter allows one to determine where his heart is set. 

As such, ego serves as a test of the manifest plane to help one determine his own course. Do you want to listen and focus on projections of fear or do you simply allow that fear has a purpose that no longer resonates for you and continue to focus on that which allows you to reach into your own toolbox and recover all the gifts and talents that you packed for unveiling in this very moment?

No worries. You are fully prepared to address and meet all challenges that are given in this next phase. The transition is underway. We are reclaiming our own light.


We are here in this time - to stand solid in our illumination - that we may bear witness, embody, engage and bring to presence the next millennium of light workers.

And so we are. ~ The Ones.

In love and light, ~ wendy
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