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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sharing the stories of Contact - Mary Rodwell

The trickle is developing into a stream. More and more Experiencers/Contactees are coming forward to offer their personal stories.

As a resource and support for many who need to see and connect to others who share their paradigm shifting views of reality, Mary Rodwell offers validation. Proof something is indeed changing in our collective view of alien/ET/UFO accounts, her client list appears to be snowballing.

What does it mean? This growing body of evidence that what we think we know about reality is a very limited assessment and certainly short-sighted in concluding humans are the one and only advanced conscious life form in the Galaxy or the Cosmos. There are no clear answers yet.

Collecting the stories seems to be a good start on understanding the events now unfolding.

Published on Jan 28, 2013 - Mary Rodwell provides an update on the New Humans in this 2013 update from her original 2010 interview, at the International UFO Congress, at Laughlin, Nevada.

At one point, Mary says, a child said _ "Mary has big ears"_ ... In a recent shamanic vision, I saw something that also represented big ears.

I had big, white, Mickey Mouse hat ears. And another view would be like the old Rabbit ears on the Television set. Rather than a metaphor, this seems to be a statement and a non-physical perception of one who is a receiver and transmitter of information: Broadcaster. 

Mary Rodwell

Documentary - Mary and her son
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