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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Conscious Ascension - Awakening the Sleeping Giant

"We are learning to remember what we already know, to view this life and this universe in a new way and within a non-linear spectrum. This enables us to connect to our inner awareness, bypassing linear space-time, thus allowing us to experience ourselves, as we are deeply connected to all life." - Tracey Taylor, from the book, Awakening, by Mary Rodwell
Copyright 2002.

We connect to the One in vivid visions and dreams. Messages repeat in various form, transmitting universal codes seeded to trigger knowing embedded deep within the corporeal core: Remember, Awaken, Ascend.

What goal, this persistent push and prod? Challenge and inspiration, through whatever method each individual life course demands, through intentional intervention, we are designed to know more.

If and when we are willing to let go of what we have determined to think we know, the Universe unfolds like the lotus blossom. Low and behold -- there is no spoon.

Talking to Nightlights was a new beginning for me. I refer to it as a divine awakening.

In 1997, spirit presented a companion traveler who showed me a way to recover knowing and reengage life in a new manner. Consciousness expanded and worlds I had not dreamed opened for awareness, viewing and connection. I have no language for some of it we remain connected and the experiences continue to shift my reality and the spiritual/metaphysical/consciousness growth that ensues as a result is ongoing. Through all the trips, leaps, cartwheels, dimension shifts, the mind blows. And reality dawns. 

I wasn't the only one undergoing a dramatic metaphysical reconfiguration in 1997. So many of those I have interviewed for my Conscious Living program also mention 1997 as a pivotal year.

In her book Awakening, Mary Rodman shares the story of Tracey Taylor, a contactee. I will be interviewing Mary in May of this year (2013). Tracey and her art appear in this program.

Conscious Ascension is now underway. Akin to the chicken/egg scenario, what stage or phase are we in? In the collective of human form, we are not yet self-aware enough to know that answer.

The good news? We are evolving. Love and Laugh! :)

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