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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett is produced by Empower Radio and featured on empoweradio, iheart, itunes, stitcher and various independent youtube channels. Programs cover a wide range of Mind-Body-Spirit/Alternative Awareness/PSI topics, including: Consciousness, UFO, Metaphysics, Paranormal and Energy Medicine.

Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Nourishing Spirit

You contemplate and you wander without any worries, between heaven and earth, in your own private world, and in this way you acquire supreme freedom.
- GAO XINGJIAN, Nocturnal Wanderer

Learning to listen to spirit is simple. All the little cues of creative desire are part of it. I want to dream - I want to play - I want to discover - investigate - explore - learn. They are the same things that sometimes get shut down in childhood when pushed to pursue outlets that, rather than feed the soul or spirit ... produce income. Deemed unworthy - that little voice is stifled and the creative spirit sits idle, frustrated and disillusioned.

The goal is - when you recognized that in yourself - to allow activities that will facilitate re-awakening of those not-yet-comatose desires for creative expression and allow you to breathe in a whole new world. Something as simple as cleaning the closet can create new awareness. We hold onto material baggage in reflection of the emotional state. Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning. However, when those spiritual/emotional issues are not addressed, the clutter will eventually reappear. And so it goes. It is a process of awakening to spirit. The trip is what you make it. Whether you enjoy your time is up to you. Happiness is a state of mind. When we allow for dialog with the inner spirit, we create more support for being happy. Support for Emotional and Material Cleansing.