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Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Channeling - Tobias by way of Geoffrey Hoppe

Find your smile
and you find your connection
with the divine. - Random Sparks of Light

From the first day that I started channeling and working with the energy of the nightlight in 1997, I have remained curious about others who might be like me.

I have yet to find a person who also works with light and have been told I am unique in that each of us is unique in what we are here to offer...but there is that curiosity about the process and how others who had similar profound awakenings to the multidimensional aspect of our incarnation encountered dramatic shifts in their awareness and embraced the ability and the opportunity to become conscious channels for the divine and others.

Prior to channeling, My early influences were Emmanuel and Lazaris. I studied Oren and Daben and A Course in Miracles. I also realized that the thoughts I held can also influence my experience as well and worked to elevate those to the best of my ability. When the encounter finally came, I still was more than amazed. Channeling changed my life.

Even now that I am solid with the connection and the messages available through the process, I continue to seek out and try to share the word about others and their unique messages. We are all connected. As we learn and evolve, all evolves and grows.

Tobias is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe. His story is fascinating. The information is very loving and valuing and - coming to an end for the public presentation part of it. Unlike the guides I work with and the light energy with whom I agreed to work - who have not been in human form, Tobias says he has been in human form and he intends to reincarnate.

Channeled information is - for me - always informative and encouraging in terms of being open to explore new ways of being and expressing conscious awareness. We still must exercise discernment over what we choose to buy into and determine the information that works best for us.

Find out more about Tobias on the webcast interview here LOA with Jewels
or on his home site:

When we open our minds to experiencing life in a multidimensional state, we began to incorporate more of our divine nature. The story Tobias presents suggests there is yet another way to experience life outside the box and the soul is always evolving no matter the form.

Of all the personal messages I have been given, the one that really sticks is to enjoy life and simply find the joy in being. To be fully human is to be fully divine.