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Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Channeling 101 - with Abraham

~ I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in dreams... Man... is above all the plaything of his memory. - Andre Breton

What is it to channel? This isn't the automatic writing type of channeling. For that matter Automatic writing - where something else moves the writing instrument - may not be channeling. But that is digressing. Channeling is a way of connecting with source and with other energies, entities, conscious beings who do not have physical form.

What you connect with may or may not have a name. What you connect with will have an energy signature you will come to recognize if you channel with any regularity or under consistency. What it is like for you is not necessarily what it is like for another.

That said, this is a very unique challenge to share what it is to channel and then say you know or you can and not tell or show you. Trust that is what it is. It is a thing that is so unique it can be compared to riding a bike. You cannot tell, demonstrate yes.

Abraham-Hicks is the most well-known and effectively marketed of the current channels. They offer a description of a vortex... and that is what it is for them.

For a warning on what can happen if you don't follow some sort of process for grounding or protecting yourself while channeling, check out the story from AK on Channeling requires very strong mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical boundaries and a healthy self-esteem to allow you to self-right if you inadvertently get caught up in a world you didn't expect to encounter.

There is no channeled message so important that one must lose oneself in the process. It is a method of discovery. And so, at this time, we are discovering and uncovering more about what channeling is and what we can learn through that process of exploring conscious connection.

It requires a willingness to let go and let God ... learn. It also requires patience to see what others come back with before passing judgment as to whether or not it works for them and whether or not it is helpful for you. You do not have to channel to benefit from the learning of another who does.

If you channel to connect with anything other than your higher self or your own spirit guides, use discernment to determine what you are connecting with and whether or not it is in your best interest to hand over your life to live in vicarious form.