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Prophecies of Paul Dienach - from the year 3906 - UPDATED

In 1922, after a year-long coma, Paul Dienach awoke and wrote everything he could remember about his experience of living in his future incarnation as physicist Andreas Northam in the year 3906. 

This incredible story has been written as The Valley of the Roses, available in German and Greek. The passages I found offer a glimpse of what must have been a fantastical life experience.

A teacher of Greek studies in Switzerland, Dienach died young: tuberculosis at age 38. Before his death however, and ensuring someone might pass the story on, he gave his manuscripts to one of his students (George Papahatzis) who became Dean at Panteion University, founded in Athens in 1927.

NASSOS (Athanasios Komianos) will talk about Paul Dienach at the Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS. His specialty is Regression Therapy. On a side note, checking out the book posted on Lulu, he might have some helpful insight for dealing with psychosomatic issues that have been difficult or impossible to resolve.

A short description for Rapid Entity Attachment Release:
[Rapid Entity Attachment Release(REAR) is a radical breakthrough and a multi-dimensional approach in producing swift and lasting relief in psychological and physical problems. This book is a manual for open-minded, professional therapists to assist their clients in gaining rapid relief from serious and debilitating psychosomatic conditions. It demonstrates that by intervening in a client’s energy levels, intrusive and well-concealed attached entities, which had contributed directly to the client’s condition, may be exposed and addressed.]

Back to the Dienach story -- about the highlights of the prophecies that have been gleaned and can be found in a search for The Valley of the Roses.

New information from
NASSOS (Athanasios Komianos), who is giving an encore presentation for Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS September 28th.

He was quite surprised to find his information linked with others who he says have incorrectly reinterpreted the The Valley of the Roses content, including details that might be considered prophetic.

NASSOS says he has been authorized by the publisher to share his information and encourages any who might be interested in a more accurate representation to connect with him and buy his DVD to get further details on the Paul Dienach story. - Details on the upcoming encore presentation: 

Saturday morning Sepetember 28, 2013
10 am - 12 noon
Location: One Eleven Art Gallery
111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Norfolk, VA
(off Granby Street, between 39th and 40th)
Admission - $20

Space is limited - Reservations Suggested:
Call 757-625-1110 or Email

 NASSOS wanted to make it clear that he is not connected nor does his information corroborate what the other source has presented.

That source admitted to trying to add a positive spin: "If I was to re-write the visions of Paul Amadeus Dienach in his book «The valley of the roses»(originally written in German in 1922 translated and published only in Greek) as a bit more open-in-destructive details and not so pessimistic, I would re-write them as follows." Note: I cannot find a name for this source.   

The author of this version, has certainly drawn attention to the content and the story. Unfortunately, only those who are fluent in Greek are able to access the original work..

To be clear, the following content and timeline is not what the original spells out. --

2000-2300 A.D. - Gradual resolution of the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction, CO2 emissions and climate change, nutrition, tyranny brutal or subtle and local wars. Through a new nobel prize in physics, the physical science discovers the equations of the unified aether-field (unification of electromagnetism, static gravitation, aethorodynamics or antigravity).

Science can photograph the aether, AND a large number of people have sufficient high frequency in their physical bodies to switch to aether vision with their naked physical eyes. 

2300-2400 A.D. - Global Planetary Government which is elected by direct voting from all Nations and its members are not politicians of businessmen , but scientists, engineers and technocrats and humanitarian philanthropists.

2600 A.D. - At the end of 2600 A.C. the private sectors and the national governments are almost of no importance anymore, people have acquired a planetary consciousness and the functions of the elected Global Government by direct voting, are increased, without the overall power structure being a totalitarian system. Transportation inside and around the planet, takes place mainly through aether propulsion , and flying discs.

3400-4,000 A.D. - Individuals acquire and develop an unprecedented powerful spiritual ability that could be called Hyper-vision or Hyper-Intuition, that allows contact with the “Major spiritual light”, and “The Direct Knowledge” and gives them an stunning ability for powerful intentional clarity and creativity. A new Golden Age of the Civilization.

Free clothes, food, house, transportation, entertainment, scientific research, art-creativity. No private property. Mostly vegetarian in nutrition habits. No animal slavery or zoos. Science has now a glimpse of new transportation principles: field gates, that transcend the flying discs technology, having been informed about this transportation method by more advanced galactic civilizations. Still unable to apply it universally.

Again, NASSOS says this information is not representative of the original story. Now that we are curious as to what the real story reveals, one can only hope an English translation will find a way to publication and fill in the blanks.   

The good news is - now that you have seen a skewed version - NASSOS is providing credible content as to the real timeline and information revealed in the story - The Valley of the Roses. Indeed, it is an amazing and fascinating tale. 

So - a two-parter here. I need to reconnect and confirm I do have permission to share some of the contents as per NASSOS - at the very least - a brief overview and I want to add the date, price and contact information for his DVD when it is/or becomes available.   

A nod to Macy Afterlife for the tip and the posts on this topic and the news that the movie version of this story is underway. 
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