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Psychic Twins, Oracles of the 21st Century - American Chronicle Archive

Had a request to share this from my files at the American Chronicle -- original date of the article was July 2011. (Archive links may not be active)

If you have not yet seen or heard about the uncanny psychic abilities of two very talented twins, this may pique your interest. I'll have a chance to interview them myself as part of Conscious Living, the show I host on Empower Radio but here I am sharing an article written by a friend. (interview)

David M. Baker, author of "The Spirit Garden, A Medium's Journey", is also a professional psychic-medium and host of "Beyond the Gate Radio." The following content is his perspective on Terry and Linda Jamison.

I consider the world famous "Psychic Twins," Terry and Linda Jamison to be "The Oracles of the 21st Century". The Jamison twins are bestselling authors of two books, and psychic mediums who use Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and occasionally, Clairaudience. They channel specific messages from their spirit guides using automatic writing. Both, whether in the same room or not, almost always get the same message. Additionally, they receive messages through meditation.

These identical twins have practiced Buddhism for 27 years. Growing up in the small, rural Philadelphia suburb of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in a time when neighbors left their doors unlocked, long before cell phones, computers and the internet, Terry and Linda Jamison had many hopes and dreams of modeling and acting, and often had visions of what their future would bring.

While their life was harrowing, a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, severe illnesses, occasional successes and an endless series of impossible obstacles, they never gave up. They had a special gift, a "super sixth sense," which they embraced as natural, yet they never intended to do anything with it other than use it as an inner compass for their lives as they got older. Their story, as they told it, may be found in their first successful bestselling book Separated at Earth: The Story of the Psychic Twins.


The Psychic Twins´ well-documented track record speaks for itself. I do not know of anyone in the world today who is anywhere near as accurate as they are. They now join the list of the great prophets of history. This time, in the Jamisons, we have The Oracles of the 21st Century who have surpassed all previous prophets in accuracy and have demonstrated this in almost real time, time and time again. They are the only ones in recent history who can make such uncanny and accurate prophecies which we can look up in the news media and see the proof.

Numerous articles have been written about Terry and Linda, and the twins have appeared on over 100 international TV and radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell and George Noory over the last sixteen years.

Recent TV interviews include ABC Nightline Prime supernatural summer series "Beyond Belief", ABC´s The View with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, and ABC´S Good Morning America with Robin Roberts.

What really propelled The Psychic Twins into world fame was their "9/11 prediction" on Coast to Coast AM Radio talk show with world-famous host Art Bell on November 2, 1999, broadcast to millions of listeners.

During that live two-hour show the twins talked about their unusual clairvoyant abilities, and made numerous world predictions for the new millennium. They explained that they channel their predictions through automatic writing . Through this unique process, the twins access multidimensional information fields such as the Akashic Records, and the angelic realm known as "One." They have developed five original divination systems over a twenty-five year period, to predict future world events and access information about past lives.

During the course of the show, a caller asked them to make a prediction. Here is an excerpt:

Caller: I just wanted to say I´d like the twins to generalize a little more on the upcoming events of national disasters or anything like that…

Terry: Are you talking about natural disasters, or…?

Art Bell: Well, natural or unnatural. Sure.

Linda: We are seeing a lot of natural disasters in terms of earthquakes and hurricanes, blizzards coming up, especially within the next ten to twelve years. We are seeing various terrorist attacks on federal government...excuse me, federal buildings.

Terry: Yes… and also the New York Trade Center. The World Trade Center. By 2002, something with a terrorist attack. Yes!]

Before the show, both Terry and Linda realized they had written the exact same message warning of the impending terror attacks, sending chills up their spines, which is rare as during their writings they generally stay detached so it will not interfere with their concentration.



Apparently the U.S. Government learned about The Psychic Twins´ stunning prediction and took action right after the 9/11 event happened. They shut down the twins´ website and all websites that had links to that prediction. What is really amazing is that the government asked them to contract to them, but, unfortunately, details of that at this time remain under the cloak of secrecy.

No one else to this date has ever made this major prediction or anything like it. This was the biggest prophecy ever recorded, and also the biggest terror attack in world history. The Psychic Twins´ 9/11 prediction has been well documented and has even surpassed the famous Jean Dixon "Kennedy assassination prediction" which was nowhere near as specific as the Jamisons´ prediction.


The Psychic Twins are not doomsday prophets. They have made many, many positive predictions which have come true. For example, on November 20, 2010 on Allie Cheslick´s "Wings of Love" radio show they made the following prediction: Breakthrough for breast, colon and lung cancer. The Associated Press announced on January 3, 2011, a breakthrough blood test for many types of cancer. This is hopeful news for many.

The Psychic Twins predicted "Immune system will be bolstered as a defense against cancers in 2011." (March 25, 2011 | CNN) -- FDA approves new drug for late-stage melanoma. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first melanoma drug in 13 years. The new drug will be sold under the brand name Yervoy and manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb, and is designed to stop the cancer cells from growing by stimulating the immune system to recognize the cancer cells as something to attack. - Predicted in The Psychic Twins' FutureScope newsletter, January 2011.


On February 8, 2011, the Jamison Twins had a very big meeting with three top producers at ABC Disney. One of the executives asked them pointedly what the outcome of the Egypt revolution would be. It had been widely reported that Mubarak was stubbornly refusing to step down until the election in September. They found themselves blurting "President Mubarak will step down... very soon—sooner than people expect."

The producers looked shocked. At the time, there was absolutely no indication that this would happen, and the world was expecting months of bloodshed and more rioting by the people of Egypt. Three days later, on February 11, Mubarak did resign after 18 days of revolution and 300 deaths. It is now being called "The 18 Days That Changed the World."


Recently on "Beyond The Gate Radio" (January 23, 2011 air date) with host David M. Baker (myself) and co-host Cheryll Baker, Terry and Linda Jamison were our guests for an interview and we asked them to make their first predictions of 2011, which they did. They are listed on their website and in their newsletter(s) "Futurescope" as well as David M. Baker´s website page - The Psychic Twins World Predictions, dedicated to their many major world prophecies which came true in a short period of time on "Beyond The Gate Radio".

Many of these like the 9/11 prediction made on Coast to Coast AM Radio are now (in the words of The Psychic Twins) legendary.

Here are a few major predictions made on "Beyond The Gate Radio".

The Psychic Twins predicted severe tornadoes in the Midwest in 2011, specifically naming the states affected including Missouri. "The deadliest single tornado to strike the United States in nearly 60 years has reduced the Missouri city of Joplin to rubble…" News link confirming the prediction: CNN .

The Psychic Twins predicted Epic 500-Year Flood: "We are seeing pretty dramatic storms, flooding and tornadoes in Southern and Midwestern states - including Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky in 2011." News Link confirming the prediction: CNN.

Jean Dixon and Nostradamus are legends of the past. Never since then have there been such amazing predictions made and confirmed by anyone, anywhere, at any time as those made by The Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, "The Oracles of the 21st Century". They are truly living legends. They well deserve that distinction and should be recognized for it. Apparently they are being noticed by the mainstream media, by the many major TV networks, such as ABC News, CBS, NBC, FOX, and others.

A link to their January 23rd, 2011 radio appearance on Beyond the Gate Radio where many of The Psychic Twins´ predictions were made is available on David´s website. This is an actual archive of the show and may be listened to in it´s entirety for free, and is available to everyone.

The latest news on The Psychic Twins is their new book Psychic Intelligence, released on June 21, 2011 is already a #1 bestseller.

I personally loved this book, and speaking as a professional psychic, I would highly recommend it for the curious, as well as for the beginner as it is a great way to start. It is also a great refresher for us advanced psychics! Well-organized and easy to read! Additionally, it answers all of your questions. Why buy 10 books looking for answers when they have it all here! I give this a Top Rating. - David M. Baker, author of "The Spirit Garden, A Medium's Journey" and host of "Beyond the Gate Radio."

The Psychic Twins are truly an enigma, unique in our society today. The world will be watching them!

David M. Baker is a Professional Psychic - Medium, Radio Host and Producer of "Beyond The Gate Radio" on Blog Talk He is also a Paranormal Researcher, teaches Psychic Development and is the author of his book "The Spirit Garden, a Medium's Journey". Website.

Chart the success of the Psychic Twins. Psychic Twins.

Conscious Living - The Psychic Twins interview with Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio -- 

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