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Prophecies of Paul Dienach - Part Two

Recapping from the earlier post .. In 1922, after a year-long coma, Paul Dienach awoke and wrote everything he could remember about his experience of living in his future incarnation as physicist Andreas Northam in the year 3906. 

Before his death, Dienach gave his manuscripts to one of his students (George Papahatzis) who became Dean at Panteion University, founded in Athens in 1927, and the tale was published in 1966.

That story is - The Valley of the Roses

After posting the first piece about The Valley of the Roses, I was contacted by Nassos (Athanasios Komianos) who was presenting the
Paul Dienach story at the Virginia Beach Friends of IANDS.  

He warned me that some of the available information misrepresents the actual story and shared some of the notes from his presentation. 

Nassos has permission from the publisher to present the Dienach story in greater detail. That information is now available on a DVD and can be purchased through VBIANDS. For information, please call (757)470-3697 or email Elana Viada at

In a very brief offering, here are details from those notes. After reviewing the material, it is incredibly fascinating to know that the source manuscript for this information was compiled in 1922.

  • In May 1921 the Swiss teacher Paul Amadeus Dienach slipped in a rare state of consciousness, called narcolepsy or lethargic sleep for almost a year. When he recovered he came back with memories of another person (actually his future embodiment).
  • The physicist of the future (3905) had an accident involving an NDE and when he “recovered”, he had been possessed by the personality of our twentieth century teacher (or actually his own former persona).

The Love Story

  • In essence, Nassos says Dienach’s story is the love story with the love of his life Anna.
  • The last time he met her, in their secret place, close by their village, close to a lake, they exchanged promises of eternal love and dedication. Anna was married without her consent to a wealthy man and died at a very young age.
  • When Dienach met Sylvia in the 40th century he recognized that she was the reincarnation of Anna. It was then that they fell in love and concluded what had not been concluded in the 20th century.

The most intriguing part of the story concerns information regarding the timeline. While in the future embodiment of the physicist who undergoes a near death experience, it is finally apparent that this man is indeed a personality from the 20th century and they try to teach him what has happened in those 20 centuries.

That method is referred to as Reigen-Schwage -- special three-dimensional holographic chambers that are usually used as the basic means of teaching history.

Highlighting the 20th and 21st centuries:
  • The dominance of the European continent falls apart and after World War I the Americans gradually take over.
  • Emphasis is now given not in spiritual or intellectual matters but rather on technological and economic development with massive production of products and an affluence unprecedented in history.
  • And while the standard of living is greatly improved the cultural improvements are conversely proportional.
  •  Low quality mass productions for the masses are distributed.
  • Classic education is abandoned in favor of technical and practical training.
  • During this dehumanizing period of the era of mechanization the way or treating workers even supervisors and managers was degrading and inhumane.
  • These people were always under pressure in a real frenzy led some people to psychic and mental diseases that even led to suicide.
  • In that era of the New World Order those totalitarian states were fighting over which tendency will govern the right, or the left in terms of social conditions.
  •  In the human agent these people could only see numbers, productivity, power and profit. Their view of the world was anthropocentric, geocentric and had no value for the other living creatures.

People that were valued in this time…
Were not Goethe, Da Vinci, Dante, Pasteur, Einstein, or Wagner but instead they were other newly introduced Idols. Comedians, dancers, boxers, soccer players, ruthless Croesus's, escorts and ragged, unclean, unkempt, scruffy instrument players.

The Valley of the Roses is a fantastic adventure - offering a window into future timelines and the potential to glimpse an alternate reality in an entirely unanticipated and highly unconventional fashion.

Certainly, if one person can experience such a state, the word impossible no longer applies.

What if we could learn from some of the miss-steps from this story and create a better future than the one Dienach foresaw? Might it be the ultimate purpose for allowing that information a vehicle in the first place? Questions .. the story is a catalyst.

In The Valley of the Roses we are informed about dramatic realignment and world change through the years up to 3905 -- And that information is what Nassos shares in his *DVD. Prophetic? The 20th and 21st centuries are a bit too close for comfort.
He who knows the future can change history.
Or can he? 
                                                                     ~ ~ ~

*To order a DVD of the presentation, please call (757) 470-3697 or email Elana Viada at

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