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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett is produced by Empower Radio and featured on empoweradio, iheart, itunes, stitcher and various independent youtube channels. Programs cover a wide range of Mind-Body-Spirit/Alternative Awareness/PSI topics, including: Consciousness, UFO, Metaphysics, Paranormal and Energy Medicine.

Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Update - Conscious Living on Empower Radio

~ Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Refreshing the post for this one. Gearing up for a busy season. Empower has been the home base for my Conscious Living show since 2011. The preview line-up for this week - link is time sensitive.

In the heat of creation -- the marble glows.
Here's the current info. The newest show is aired at 9 pm central time Wednesday.

After the first air time, each show has a unique permalink and is available for listening 24/7. Current shows post at the top of this page.

My focus continues to be on Metaphysics and Consciousness and I am usually booked two months ahead.

When and if a show guest cancels, I go solo. I am overwhelmed with guest requests and working to add what I can.

Although I have had requests to do more solo shows, I have fun interviewing and sharing ideas with others who, like me, experience some of the incredible and unexplained in the world. I believe it is important to increase awareness that this isn't as far-fetched as has been drummed into many of us from childhood.

Rather than sane vs crazy, normal has a wider - and much more interesting - range. Some of that may be due to the evolving state of consciousness and an ongoing expanding in our awareness in general.

The opportunity is now for me to share these amazing stories and insights so the goal is to keep the momentum going forward and add a solo show here and there when the occasion allows.

Behind the scenes quirks this week. When I interviewed Susan Prout, I threw in a spontaneous question about ET contact and whether that was anything she had encountered without a clue what her answer would be. She paused, said it wasn't a thing she talked about often but --- and then described the grey being she witnessed in the family garage and told her babysitter about as a child. I was thrilled I took a chance with that question. It's such a great story!

The other fun bit of info is from Denise David Williams who says she remembers looking at herself in the crib after she was born and thinking, and I'm paraphrasing this: "Uh-oh, now it starts!"

To know and to not have a clue. There are times when the flow with my guests is so fluid I wish the shows were longer and then I worry that they are too long and listeners need shorter bites or they'll tune out without hearing the best stuff. And then I let it go. I trust the content will be exactly what is needed at the time a person tunes in.

One thing sure in my world - when a thing is important - reality shifts to position us in such a way that we are where we need to be and getting information we could not have anticipated. The best things can happen when we open to awareness and make room for possibilities without knowing what direction or why the dots are needed. Eventually, everything falls into perfect sync.

Two dreams I had shook me for quite some time. One involved my Angel book. That's what it is called. I was somewhere in a cloud and reading up on what I had agreed to do during my lifetime and I was ecstatic because it all made such great sense. Then I had to come back and started falling through that cloud of gray mist. I held tight to my book, trying to keep it so I would remember everything and get it right but they don't let us keep it. I fought it and was stuck in the cloud until I released the book. And then the information was gone too!

I got a peek to remember (and then quickly forget) part of my journey and the emotion of joy lingered because I had seen how everything was planned and I had held a real book with details - a diary - in that state. I also remembered we are not supposed to see that book until this little escapade is over. Even so, I was irritated and bummed about how it all made perfect sense there and then I lost all knowing of it when I returned here.

The other dream is simple. I was a yellow duck riding in a UFO. There were no walls, just a single empty room that sometimes shifted and threw me off my feet. Without arms, I couldn't grab onto anything. I knew I had been given an important job to do and I was on my way to the assignment. It was fascinating, being in the body of a duck. I could also see out of a window. Black space and stars. That's it. (So, there might be a quack reference. Guides have a great sense of humor!)

The guidance came later. It wasn't a duck, it was a goose. The storyteller. I am not sure I have lived up to that yet. There was a lucid dream visit from the Men in Black in 2009 and a nudge about an agreement I am to continue working on. Whether this is it? They won't give me that answer.

The prods do continue. And the nightlights flicker. (Thank you!!!) The contact continues to expand. What an incredible world, this reality! Charge on.

Love light and laugh -- wendy :)