Monday, June 12, 2017

Notes in passing - Dammit Janet, this better be a pregnant pause

As the bulb fades here, a tiny spark winks on in another dimension, storing energy for the beam when the final cord dissolves. "Hello real world. Thanks for calling me home. I knew something was missing, just couldn't put my finger on it until I woke up and all the signs of death were gone." - This is a realization one might call 'Illumination.'

She had me approve a photo for her page last November. In January this year, we talked about her Mom (deceased). My hairdresser brother (her friendly contact and support for years) cut her hair in March. He said she looked much the same as always. No indication of a problem nor did she mention any sort of trouble or worries as she sometimes had in the past. We spoke via chat on March 20th.

May 6. Out-of-sorts. What? A kind of panic. Janet. I started checking. No connect (translation: "like" or suggestion on my page) since our last contact in March. Her birthday was coming up. I sent a message and checked her page.

  • There it was in the feed: April 18.  - 'Ovarian Cancer sucks.' - ...

FB acquaintance notes she is being cared for but there is no contact info. At this point there is concern. Cell phone doesn't take messages. If there is contact, she initiates.

  • May 25th. - 'RIP' is posted on her page via another out-of-town connection who then falls off the page.
Again, something is off. Telepathic connect with Janet who implies the friends on her page may not have all the details. Curious.

Now I start connecting dots. In talking with those who inquire of me, I discover none of her daily contacts or current, close, texting friends has had any indication or conversation about her illness since that April post, nor does it seem they had been informed of anything prior.

Long-term friends were kept out of the loop. This now sounds reminiscent of someone planning to take a trip and not coming back. Tying up the loose ends, she started early in the year.

Telepathic sending. Asking for help and trying to pick up information. Studio light at work turned itself off, once. Electronics are acting up, burned out bulbs at home. Not too excessive. A person started to materialize in front of me in the studio but I lost the image when I tried to focus and at the time I didn't connect the incident to Janet. Beginning in May, brake lights on the car began to act erratic when parked.

Surprising telepathic response when I saw the 'RIP' post. Janet told me she was with a guy who is "dead like me"... It was such an odd phrase for her to choose that I thought it might have been a joke.

My brother offered a piece of the equation I didn't know. Her apartment was part of a Trust. That Trust was funded by parents of a young man who had been bed-ridden and in a coma. It could have been that she had connected to him.

She then telepathed an image and said it was her new "boyfriend". He looked nothing like anyone I have known her to have an interest in. A similar image appeared in an advertisement within a few hours. In a dream I was seated beside her on the couch and she introduced me to the same person.

After a few days of thought contact, I realized that phrase she gave me didn't necessarily mean she was deceased. The image could also be a hospice caretaker.

I started thinking differently, realizing she could also be in an in-between state of neither here nor there. Drug induced, a hazy, coma-comfortable as part of the transitioning in a hospice care situation.

Elmer Green address a similar state of conscious awareness in his trilogy, Ozawkie Book of the Dead.

More recently, Russell Brinegar shares his dual state of being experience during his NDE in his book, Overlords of the Singularity.

My brother checked Janet's apartment. Furnished but no one there. I now had the address. Pieces were starting to gel. No effort to connect because, as she reminded me telepathically, she had numerous bouts of suicidal depression. "Remember how many times I wanted to check out?" she asked. I remember.

When she was down, there was no up. She had been down. In the past, ever resourceful and hopeful, she would rally and continue on.

Regarding an afterlife, she knew about my nightlights and witnessed our interaction. On my behalf she even sent a book off to Oprah, a thing I never considered. Embarrassed and flattered, I viewed it as a huge compliment.

She had experienced ghosts before and, in May, had even talked about an increase in electrical noises. She told me the sound of electricity was more pronounced, so loud at one point it startled her. I told her to pay attention and open her mind. Someone or some thing was trying to get her attention. It seemed to be a message intended for her to interpret. I did not pry.

  • June 7 - She is adamant in telling me not to track her down as I keep on trying and also try to block that message. What if she just needs to know we care? (She says she knows.) 

She indicates things are fine and her caregivers kind. Guides or corporeal? At this point it became difficult to tell what state she was in. I attribute that to a peaceful in-between or very effective drugs. It's easy to get trapped in a coma. And in all honesty, she would have been extremely appreciative of the drugs.

[Aside: When my Mother went in for surgery, she had no interest in waking up because they kept calling her the wrong name. Someone finally said the right name on the second chart and she responded. Until then, she had no clue who they were talking to.]

My Guides now offer a bit of insight: She kept it private for a reason. A final diagnosis had been given. There was no incentive to recover. Being found would have caused confusion, emotional turmoil, discomfort and, no doubt, regret. Potential delay and complication. This was the Universe offering a smooth ride out.

Be that as it may, I am limited in information gathering due to my status as a non-family member. I concede, less than willingly, that I need to honor her wishes.

I do have experience with departures. One Grandmother gave me prior notice of her pending departure via a dream. That heads-up allowed for arrangements to return home in time for her services. The other connected after death to express her wishes concerning song selections for her memorial service and then completely dissolved the grief pangs from my body, infusing a soothing calm sensation that remained for several days.

One very unique reading involved the deceased saying he remained an Atheist. I posted that experience on Talking to Nightlights and will share an update here in a subsequent post. Our reality is incredibly, beyond comprehension vast.

In fantastic bits and novel pieces we are presented opportunities for greater awareness and conscious engagement. With my friend, there are continuing quirks. No obit or death notice. I am honoring the telepathic prods not to track her down. I got as far as the exit from the facility. She was not listed as deceased.

  • June 10 - Curtain still down. Belongings still present in the apartment. Dumpster on site. No answer at the door. I heard her voice as we drove away. She said, "You came? Thank you."
I had been asking for any helpful clues she could provide. No parting word or note, with the exception of our last chat on Facebook. Unless. 
'Notify' 'Kin' ... Synchronicity?

We stopped at the gas station down the street. My husband bought a couple of lottery crossword puzzles.

Janet loved word games, lyrics, hidden meanings in songs. Dreamed at one point of being a Disc Jockey.

She had a great mind and fondness for eclectic music and musicians. She did a few radio stints in various formats. 

That's where we first met and continued to work together for several years. We succeeded with at least one PSI connection and she visited my dreams as well.

Neither puzzle was a winner but the words stood out.

Winning words 'Heart' and 'Vocal'  ... and on the card that said "Vocal' - two completed words: 'notify' and 'kin' ... And then, when we left, the car 'engine' light came on.

Trust this: Whatever state Janet is in, she hasn't lost her sense of humor and she is connecting.    

  • June 12 - As I am writing this post - the wireless mouse disengages. Doesn't say the battery is expired but it won't work. Install new battery, reconnect mouse to computer. Joke. Electrical anomaly of Spirit connection. Presence noted. She assures me she can be of assistance in her new state. Apparently, she has graduated. Continuing the journey -- I am still learning.

Until I woke up, I thought my life was the living reality. Awakening reveals "life" as dreamed. In the manifest dreaming time-recall, guides will assist in accessing cloaked and fragmented memories carried forward of well-intended arrivals and departures.

We can remember past lives and contracts completed. Coming and going starts to look familiar. We have done this before. The certain thing in the going involves many happy returns.

She has others who gave her a fine thread to follow, hints and cues on the timing; a choice to live again, simply not in this form. In the echos now, greetings from afar. My dog, Max, reassured me (and my Mom) of his continued presence. I am hoping I have not mixed the metaphors and lost the vibe. In the dream life I continue our journey. Given what I have learned so far, this story is on 'pause' not 'end'. Janet knows I have a thing for light.    

Janet, Thank-you. In gifting me with your presence, you offered shared challenges, victories and times uncertain. No predicting of an outcome made it unforgettably real. A piece of my heart you hold safe in keeping. Hello to your Mom. Doing my homework now.

PS: "Janet from another Planet" makes more sense now! Singing along, one of your signature songs: Rocky Horror: Dammit, Janet

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PPS: I asked Janet if she had anything to share, advice or a helpful suggestion. Her answer was one I didn't expect but could very much appreciate, given her personality. It is the Janet I know. She said, "Don't rush. ... it goes fast enough."

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My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

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