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Weston Ghosts and the nearly attached ... Dinner spirits

“Never invite any kind of spirit to enter either your home or your person. This is an extremely important point to remember. To do so always risks to unwittingly invite evil spirits in, instead. Good spirits never need to be invited in.” The New Homeowner's Guide to House Spirits, Alexei Maxim Russell, Amazon

Year number 13 for Dining with Ghosts in Weston, Mo. Always interesting. I have made some wonderful connections in Weston and through the guests who have been kind enough to share their stories with me. [An Atheist in Heaven, The Cat who turned White, Mind Control ability lost due to an Accident.]

My participation in this event started in 2010. Each year is unique.

Main Street Galleria, Weston, Mo.
Dining with Ghosts
One can expect an overview of the historical highlights outlining the more famous tales but the town is alive with hauntings and new stories are added with each passing year.

Let me say at the outset, my usual sense of the location includes the underlying presence of a buzz. It acts as a magnet that might also create a special attraction for some to visit or live in the area. 

As I experience an amplified energy in the space and at the event, I usually prepare myself in advance. I can be drained if I don't. This year was no exception but it was different, that amplification had a kicker.

Other elements to factor: weather, crowd and spirit presence. While preparing for the event, I had a prompt from my spirit guides to, "Stay focused." Not quite sure what that referenced, I asked for clarification.

My guides suggested I needed to pay closer attention to the attendees for that evening and told me I would be "tagged". Asking for a definition of "tagged" - I got nothing. They suggested I would be shown and that would be my answer. Obviously. (Severus Snape picture in my mind now.)

They then assured me this was not a threat to me. It was a lesson I could learn from. Lovely. 

My guides have a sense of humor. Each time they put me through something like this, the chuckles are to be anticipated in the epilogue. Always. 

Reassuring me that this situation is not intended to present a harm to anyone, they indicate there will be plenty of warning and cues to the presence of the "tag" in that I would have a sensation of the issue and I would know who and what it was about when it happened. Conveniently vague.

My biggest challenge with this information is to avoid overthinking or projecting an expectation or outcome onto whatever challenge I am supposed to address. That's how each new adventure starts. Short on description. Long on connecting invisible dots. Charades.

The only hints the guides offered were that the source was male and one who was not apt to blend into the crowd. Even small clues are helpful. Turns out I didn't have to look too hard to find the guy. But they knew that. Insert chuckle.

Andy (husband) helps to give me perspective when I need it. He knows what I have been advised and keeps watch for anything out of the ordinary. When we first arrived, I wondered if there might be any sort of preview of what might be in store. Could I detect an anomaly? Did anyone stand out? In a glimpse, might I identify the person I was warned about? No luck. Uncertain as to what I am looking for anyway, the night passes without incident.

About the time I have pretty much forgotten the warning, I start to feel something odd, a tightening sensation in the left side of my chest. As it progresses, from my heart down, across the rib cage, into my solar plexus, I wonder what is happening. This makes no sense. I don't say anything but the tension is building, my jaw is tightening and I am thinking I might need to shift position and stand up for a minute. Do I need to leave?

Redirect. Focus. Ground. Then I catch a few words of the conversation in progress, directly across the table from me. It begins to filter in. Curious, I detach from the discomfort and start to listen. The guy is talking about his experience at the haunted hotel across the street.

In the middle of describing a sensation that frightened him the most, he details the part of the story where he was alone in a hotel bathroom and was unexpectedly assaulted with
Locals have some interesting 
stories. To book a room.
a pain in his chest - a stabbing pain - that paralyzed him and made him unable to leave the stall.

The sensation left when his girlfriend arrived to open the door. In hearing his story, the odd tightness in my chest dissolved.

Understanding very clearly how I felt and sensed a shift in my being with this encounter, I can better define the term "tagging" as something that happens when an entity/ghost/thought-form attempts to attach to another energy source.

It can be anything, living or material form. This entity appeared to prefer a living being in this instance. Me.

When the guy was calm and in a relaxed state, the entity dislodged to seek out a different host. As soon as he reminisced and relived his frightening encounter, he became animated and excited in the act of relating the dynamic of that bold physical contact. The entity then reattached to him and refueled.

The more the fellow talked about his experience, the more animated and energized he became and the greater the sustenance he offered the entity. The ghost was attached to the guest.

My guides were right. I could identify the guy. He had been seated directly across from me all along but I hadn't sensed anything unusual until there was a lull in the activity at the table. That is when I begin to feel odd sensations and changes in my physical body.

As the entity created an intense shift in my physical body when it siphoned energy from me, I got a reminder and an immediate awareness of the potential drain these types of beings can create when one is in their presence - even if the person afflicted has no awareness or belief in such anomalies.

Given that I may have been tagged for a longer time than the few moments I experienced extreme discomfort, it might be that the event could easily go unnoticed. Thus, the need to engage psychic self-defense and energetic clearing is helpful as a regular practice and even more so when going to places that are known (and often famous) for active hauntings.

Fudge and other items are available online.
The very short encounter I describe created enough of a drain on my energy system that I spent the next 24 hours recuperating. I had also been warned, intentionally, to underscore the lesson.

Interesting what our guides know and
how much or little they are at liberty to disclose.

Indications from my spirit guides and from physical sources who are aware of the individual involved in this incident regarding the situation and the "tag" scenario are that any release I might offer would be unwelcome and/or rejected by one who is enamored with the attachment or caught up in the excitement of the drama.

As long as there remains a desire and an interest or invitation from the human host involved for those types of encounters, the potential for psychic [PK] chaos remains and provides a fuel source for various entities. Those who come into contact with such a person can expect the unexpected.

However, there is no need to be afraid or discouraged in situations where this type of activity is more prevalent. Do expand your PSI tools and broaden your awareness to understand the scenarios and individuals who (knowingly and not) feed these entities. Elevate and increase your ability to provide your own psychic self-protection. Learning is ongoing. Do ask for help when you need it.

Epilogue: Only afterward did the guides inform me that the "tag" would not stick because we were incompatible. They explain it as a matter of frequency and vibration. We are not a match. Thoughts count. I don't offer enough fuel to feed the entity. That is a tiny compliment - and they find it amusing. Translation: I am dull in a bright way. Funny.

- - -

When the 'Energy' first presented a case for these beings in Talking to Nightlights, I didn't have enough PSI awareness to appreciate or understand the potential for a symbiotic attachment and how that might work.

2 decades later. I have had time to process and engage, through personal contact, a wide variety of these non-physical beings in a more direct manner and find it apparent that entities such as these can create havoc in ways we have yet to account for or openly acknowledge. While that fact might be unspoken outside metaphysical circles, it isn't any big secret.

What remains to be done with the entity who tagged me? It's complicated. Telling it to move on or clearing the space are among the options but not a topic I will address here.

The greater point being: Our thoughts and emotions unchecked are creating a great deal of surplus source fuel for entities running amuk. (Not to mention the corporeal delinquents having a field day.) When we clean up our thoughts to embrace, transmute and integrate our emotions, some of those mischievous entities, with nothing left to stir the pot, will finally be motivated to move on.

And we will consciously ascend. A work in progress, PSI evolution underway.

- - - 

Note: Weston is listed on various sites as one of the most haunted cities in Missouri. Haunted sites don't measure activity by calendar dates. Ghosts are present 24/7. If you desire an encounter, visit. No guarantees.

Order Ghost Tales of Weston or the Cookbook.
A recent report [10/17] involved a tourist who said she and her friends saw no ghosts in nearby Atchison. She then encountered a ghost at the Galleria, not once, but twice.

She told Verna she saw a woman (who wasn't there) walk briskly by her in a hallway.

The tourist told the downstairs counter person that someone (unseen) pulled her hair. The tourist promptly vacated.

Her friends, excited about the possibility of interaction, remained, pulled out their cell phones to explore, hoping to capture images or sounds. No results.

Belief in the supernatural or ghosts is not required. However, once one has had an encounter, disbelief is harder to hang onto. Don't be surprised if your friendships change.

Visitors are welcome at Main Street Galleria and invited to shop or dine during business hours throughout the year.

Supporting Information:
Journey of Souls, Michael Newton
Far Journeys, Robert Monroe
Spirit Rescue, Tick Gaudreau, Dave Darrow
Psychic Self Defense, Dion Fortune
Ena Twigg - Medium,
Ingo Swann - Psychic, Ingo
Very much alive - Uri Geller - Psychic:
Follow theurigeller on Twitter

May your eyes always be open.
May your hearts overflow.
That which enchants will also protect -
May this you will always know.
 ~ Ted Andrews: Intercession of Spirits, Working with Animals, Angel and Ancestors

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