Connecting with your Light

I am a conscious Channel and an Intuitive. I work with non-physical energy and spirit guides to offer direction or to help you connect with your own inner guidance and higher consciousness. Some of that happens in a simple exchange such as reading a blog post. I am not focused on doing personal readings for others at this time.

My intuitive connection to spirit and the divine exploded into being in 1997 with a conscious awakening to the non-physical world through a paranormal encounter that continues now as part of my everyday landscape. I engage and interact with energy.

I also work with ghosts and others. Some of that information, I share in my book Talking to Nightlights. (Affiliate link.) The book offers an expanded world view and a few prophecies. Enjoy!

What I experience now is far beyond that initial starting point, but for anyone who is curious and just becoming involved with channeling or automatic writing, the book is a good support and reassurance that these abilities can be developed and improved as we become more trusting and allowing of our own spiritual gifts.  

My intuitive guidance and support draws on higher energies and spirit guides who focus on Love and the One in all. They offer encouragement through daily contact - reminding each the value of his contribution to life and the importance of focusing on the highest good in all that one chooses to pursue. We all face challenges and learn to work through them as part of our journey.

Much focus is given to the Law of Attraction. For a new twist, try focusing on the Law of Reciprocity. What you give or put out, in turn, you receive. More than a material thing, it's about the energy and intention of the act. All is energy.

The relationships we choose and those we are drawn to illustrate opportunities to awaken to how we create the challenges in our lives. Who we are is demonstrated in our actions and reactions. All is a work in progress. Change is constant. Learning can be optional. (Smile) Growth happens. 

I share the joy of this spirit connection in my Art and my life. I see a beautiful world of color in the light. We are never alone. Someday we will see the others who assist and challenge us on the path. For now we are evolving our ability to sense them.

If my information resonates for you - explore more. If not, choose another who can offer an assist in helping you find a new view that will help you find clarity on your path. Sometimes the only thing required is to hear aloud what we are trying to process without bias. And it goes from there.

Note: While most of my encounters and experiences are of light and lighter elements, there are many who have experienced the negative aspect. And, given my own encounters with that shadow energy, it can be very intimidating when you are not operating from your highest good as that is the point of the engagement. 

My suggestion is to be very clear about who you are and what your thoughts draw to you. Those you choose to associate with are also drawing or attracting that which they put out.

If you need help - ask. No one has all the answers but there are those who may have encountered a similar situation and will be able to supply helpful information. Pay attention. Learning never stops.

Wonders beckon. Embrace delight.

~ in love and light ~ wendy

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Ongoing personal experiences with extraordinary and unexplained seen/unseen phenomena underscore my belief in a world abundant with wonders we haven't yet begun to fathom.

Experiencers, via their unique encounters, give us glimpses and clues to what potentials creation has yet to reveal when we are willing to listen to the call of the muse and curious enough to table our fear and explore the unknown inner and outer limits of being.

And the answers are there, teasing us in quirks, quarks and fantastic anomalies.

My proof
- and that is the whole point of this reality thing being very personal and unique to the individual experiencer - the light beside me goes off for a moment and then comes on again as I am composing this introduction, underscoring the "quirk" factor and the representation of the ever-present, unseen support in this adventure.

Thank you for your interest and for listening. I hope you enjoy the shows! - wendy ... and the nightlights ;)